Meet Barbara
Barbara graduated the second Bootcamp class in 2014. When she joined she was struggling to break past $1,000 projects. Over the course of Bootcamp, she went from $800 average projects to just over $7,000. 

Following graduation she broke into the five-figure ballpark and now consistently has monthly retainers that are 4-5X what her one time projects are. She has worked hard to develop her brand into a niche offering for churches and ministries around the world. 

Taking what she once thought as passion projects to become her businesses main focus - going on to write, speak, and teach many in her market how to be more successful. Barbara recently authored a graduate program for uGurus called the Discovery Masterclass. 
Her Blog Posts & Podcast Interviews
Barbara Carneiro
Owner of Word Revolution
$10K BOOTCAMP: "The Online Business Training Program For Agency Owners"
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