A framework is a standardized set of concepts, practices, and criteria for dealing with a common type of problem, which can be used as a reference to help you approach and resolve new problems of a similar nature.


Is Responsive Design just a marketing buzzword? No, Responsive Design is a leap forward in the web design industry that effects both designing and developing for the web.


I used to actually try to sell my clients in the proposal. I’m sure you’ve done it. Write a document that will be so persuasive, so glorious, that the client will have no option but to say “YES!”

Examples & Inspiration

We gathered a list of beautiful Responsive Design examples, galleries, and themes to show off the extent of possibilities when it comes to responsive web design.

Workflow & Processes

Learn more about how Responsive Design will change your views on tackling a project and how it will affect your entire workflow. In addition, learn how to develop a new responsive process and more.

Core Concepts

In this section, you will learn about the overall concept of Responsive Design and its core elements – CSS media queries, HTML, and grids – and how it is essential for them to play together to create a website that is responsive.