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Amy and her husband Josh were having a hard time supporting themselves and their newborn daughter. After hitting rock bottom, they asked themselves if they should just give up on their dreams of having a web development business. Since applying principles learned from uGurus their business is growing and they can finally breathe again. 
Chris was struggling to make his mortgage payments, fend off wild geese, and provide for his family. He had to beg his wife to even  let him spend money on the $10K Bootcamp. After Bootcamp Chris went from doing $3,700 projects to landing a $14,500 deal, all in the span of a few months.
Evelyn started a graphic design business twenty years ago so she could have an even work-life balance while raising children. The $10K Bootcamp helped her bring her business up to date, land a $30K project, and empowered her to become more involved in the women's entrepreneurial community.
Matthew was overworked, over-stressed and had too many business problems. $10K Bootcamp helped Matthew turn his already successful agency into a “million dollar agency.”
Kevin had reached a point of desperation. Struggling to land clients for $2,500 projects, he felt a tremendous amount of pressure to do better for his family. Kevin now charges at least $7,000.
Chris and Lindsay had just completed a big project and realized something – they were out of money and stuck in a feast and famine cycle. They decided to call a “Hail Mary” and enroll in Bootcamp.
Tarra has been a graphics and website designer since she was 16 years old, got a BFA and hung out her shingle only to discover that she had never been taught how to run a business.
Ben was burned out and cash strapped. When he joined $10K Bootcamp he knew he needed to work less and make more money because the alternative was getting a full time job.
Tracy was tired being seen as an undervalued graphic designer. She discovered how to set new expectations for herself and her business, and was able to close $90K worth of work in just 48 hours!
Brandy was struggling to figure out how to make it on her own. She needed to connect with “master chef” web professionals who would share the perfect business recipes for her to follow.
Emma was struggling to get projects for $3K. She had a unique skill set but couldn’t figure out how to position herself with clients. She now has increased her revenue by 8x and has landed a $25K project.
Melissa’s projects fell in the $4-8K range, but she struggled to get anything larger. With a new perspective and renewed confidence, she now closes 5-figure contracts.
Nate wasn’t very selective about the clients he worked with, averaging $2K per project. However, Nate learned how to position himself as an expert. He now charges $20K minimum per project.
Catherine was struggling in a feast and famine. The strategies Catherine learned in Bootcamp enabled her to land a $17,000+ project and unlock the secrets to business.
Rob needed better ways to qualify new clients. uGurus gave Rob the insight needed to vet his prospects. Rob now lives by the mantra, “you must be prepared to lose a job in order to win a job.”
Kronda did what many wish they had the courage to do: she started a business, vowing to never have another boss. After a couple of tough years she needed help and decided to join $10K Bootcamp.
Cliff was ready to throw in the towel. He felt like he had nothing left to give. While closing big deals, his family was suffering, he was tired of “wearing lots of hats,” and he couldn’t see himself continuing.
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