Student Story: Amy

From Rock Bottom to Renewed Dreams

Amy and her husband Josh joined uGurus in the spring of 2015, right around the time they found out they were pregnant with a baby girl. Amy quit her full time job to become partner in her husband’s web development company and¬†hopefully fulfill a dream of financial independence and flexibility that would ensure the best possible life for their child.

Things started out great, but the momentum from the $10K Bootcamp didn’t last as long as they had hoped. In November, around the time their daughter was born, things got bad. Amy and Josh hit rock bottom in January of 2016 as their company’s gross revenue totaled a paltry $1,900. Amy and Josh weren’t just afraid of their business failing, they were afraid of being unable to put food on the table.

After some soul searching and the decision to go all-in on the business, Amy and Josh began to re-explore some of the concepts from the uGurus $10K Bootcamp. In particular, focusing on reoccurring revenue, paid discovery, and marketing to their strengths helped them to turn their business around.

They ended 2016 with $65,000 in revenue, but are on track to close out 2016 with six figures in revenue.

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