Student Story: Ben

From Two Jobs to $300K: How One $10K Graduate Built the Business He’s Always Wanted

$10K Bootcamp gave Ben the tools to go from building $500 websites to high value sites at more than $35,000 a pop. He also was able to quit his “day job” and is now building a successful agency with his business partner. Here’s how he did it:

Five years ago, Ben was traveling full time producing live music events. In his “free time” he was freelancing as a web professional, working from coffee shops. Going rate for one of his sites: $500 to $1000…per site.

Then Ben met Kurt, a fellow music producer, frequent traveler, and web developer. The two connected over their love of coding and sympathized about the strains of travel. Kurt mentioned that he was looking for a side gig.

The two decided to put together an exit strategy, one that would allow them to partner as web pros and launch a business of their own. They quickly formed a company and set to work.

For nearly four years, Ben and Kurt slogged their way through, barely making ends meet while making $1500 websites. Sometimes, they even made $2000!

Putting in 60 hours per week or more, the two were burned out, cash strapped, and tired. At the end of those four years, Kurt was spending all of his time on the company and Ben was still working a second job.

Ben began to wonder if it was worth it any more. He was consistently delivering projects behind deadline and he was worn out.

Ben knew he needed to work less. He reduced the number of hours he was working at his second job and landed a six month contract. Ben and Kurt were on a short leash. They needed to turn their business around or both would need to find full time jobs and give up on their business.

Late in 2014, Ben joined $10K Bootcamp. Upon enrolling, he was immediately introduced to Brent Weaver’s “Interaction Model.” Through that model, Ben learned how to add value to the web projects he was doing, developed a better understanding of what his business could offer to his clients, and found the words to articulate real value. He also learned how to find the right clients and how to avoid ones who didn’t value what he offered.

It took three to six months before Ben had a full understanding of the concepts he had learned in Bootcamp, but he diligently integrated the practices into his business. One major change with massive effects was the way he approached client discovery. By slowing down his process from one week to one month, Ben was finally demonstrating the kind of value that allowed him to charge higher rates.

Just one year after enrolling in $10K Bootcamp, Ben is consistently landing projects ranging between $18,000 and $36,000 apiece!

$10K Bootcamp

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