Student Story: Catherine

How One Web Pro Learned to Sell With Confidence and Break the Feast and Famine Cycle Once and For All

Returning to her native Canada eight years after leaving, Catherine found it harder than expected to carry the successes of her Australian-based web agency to her new home. It was challenging to reconnect with old colleagues and to find new business. With her wife choosing to go back to school, Catherine became the sole breadwinner for her family. The pressure was on.

Catherine was firmly entrenched in a feast and famine cycle when she first heard about $10K Bootcamp. Despite being interested in the program, she wasn’t sure she could afford it. After discussing the situation with her wife, the two decided Catherine couldn’t afford to NOT enroll. Catherine enrolled, hoping she wouldn’t need to take on the full time job she had already been considering. Essentially, there was nothing to lose.

At the same time, Catherine was reaching negotiations on a deal she had been pursuing for nearly six months. With access to the Web Design Sales Kit (early access was granted when she enrolled), Catherine implemented the uGurus’ Interaction Model with her new client. Her discovery process lasted the entire 10 weeks of her Bootcamp program, allowing her to learn and implement strategies in real time.

Initially, the client only wanted a website to validate their business. Thanks to the strategies Catherine was picking up in Bootcamp, she was able to explain how the website could be a primary sales tool for the client’s business. Intrigued, they fully engaged in Catherine’s idea, agreeing to ongoing marketing in addition to the original website. Each meeting built upon the excitement of the last.

At the end of the discovery process, Catherine told the client the entire project would cost between $15,000 and $21,000 – a project she would have quoted at $5,000 before Bootcamp. The client – excited to start – asked to stay toward the low end of her range.

As Catherine prepared the final proposal, she decided (based on some back and forth with her mentor) to shoot for the middle of her range by providing a few extra options.

A few days later, she walked the client through the entire proposal before delivering the price – $17,500. Without hesitation, the client signed on the spot, and cut a check for 50 percent of the total cost, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Thank you.”

Catherine was shocked. They hugged before parting ways.

Catherine says she was never comfortable with the sales process. $10K Bootcamp and the Interaction Model gave her a more natural system that took the fear of selling away, creating an engaging process that helps her clients discover untapped potential.

Before Bootcamp, Catherine never thought she could sell a $17,000 project. Now, the possibilities are endless and she’s excited about what’s next.

She’s no longer looking for a full time job.

$10K Bootcamp

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