Student Story: Chris and Lindsay

How Chris and Lindsay Broke The Feast And Famine Cycle

Just a few months ago, Chris and Lindsay were “two guys trying to figure it out.” Despite running a San Diego webshop and marketing agency for three years, they were struggling to figure out the sales process and stay out of the feast and famine cycle.

Part of their struggle was that they lacked any type of system for landing new work. A typical client interaction looked like this: a 20 minute call, a few emails back and forth, a proposal delivered via email, lots of waiting, and (hopefully) a signed deal.

Once (if) they’d get the work, they’d begin the Discovery process only to find out they had vastly underpriced themselves. This happened more often than not. Chris and Lindsay knew they needed to make a change, but they didn’t know how.

Then they heard Brent Weaver speak and discovered $10K Bootcamp. Enrollment was their “Hail Mary” strategy for transforming their business.

Upon enrollment, they fully committed to figuring out a workable sales cycle, implementing new strategies, and finding a true mentor in the industry.

“We took an all in approach.” A lot of methods were implemented the same day the business partners learned them. “You’ve got to do what you’re learning. Even with all the support, it’s on you to make the change.”

The two began by raising their rates on day one. After a number of other changes as they progressed through the program, they were able to close four deals in 10 weeks.

Today, these two have the confidence, expertise, and knowledge to land more deals than ever before. They recently sold a $14K project to an ideal client who wasn’t even looking for website.

Their advice for doing the same? “Just stick to the program.”

$10K Bootcamp

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