Student Story: Cliff

How One Web Pro Rediscovered His Passion

Despite being financially successful, Cliff was ready to throw in the towel. He felt like he had nothing left to give. His family was suffering, he was tired of “wearing lots of hats,” and couldn’t see himself keeping his agency for another year. Learn how $10K Bootcamp re-ignited his passion:

One year ago, Cliff was running what he calls “a decent agency.” He had four employees and was bringing in a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. When he discovered uGurus and $10K Bootcamp, he wasn’t looking for ways to close $10K projects. He was already consistently closing $30-$40K projects. Cliff was looking for his passion.

In all the years of running a successful business, Cliff had run himself into the ground. He was struggling personally, lacking the passion for his business that had driven his success for years before. He even considered getting a job in the tech sector – an industry he had a ton of previous experience in. After talking with his wife, he decided to give himself one more year. They agreed that if he hadn’t re-ignited his passion at the end of those 12 months, he was going to pack it all up.

Cliff found what he was looking for when he stumbled across a webinar with uGurus CEO Brent Weaver and $10K Mentor Jonathan Hinshaw. As he listened to the two talk, Cliff recognized two people who understood his troubles and might be able to help him. He reached out to Jonathan via email.

While Jonathan answered Cliff’s questions, Jonathan made him a bigger promise: that he could help Cliff reclaim his passion.

After spending some time talking to Jonathan, Cliff decided to enroll in $10K Bootcamp. He knew a guy like Jon would push him to new heights and hold him accountable – the exact thing he was looking for.

Despite being a successful agency owner, Cliff dived into the Bootcamp material headfirst, adopting an open mind and a student’s attitude. In Cliff’s words, when Bootcamp began, he invested his “blood, sweat, and tears into the program.”

Cliff immediately saw a shift in his mindset. He began to understand new ways to add value to his client’s business. He uncovered new tools to create abundance for himself, his family, and his employees.

By defining his family as his core focus, Cliff put more value on his time, leading him to raise his rates. Despite fearing how clients might react, Cliff only lost three of 30 clients. However, one of those three clients accounted for 30-40% of his agency’s yearly revenue.

Ultimately, the client was unwilling to work within Cliff’s newly adopted $10K model, and walked away. Surprising himself, Cliff was totally at peace with firing his biggest client. In fact, he found he had much more time to spend with his family once the late night calls from them stopped.

By June of 2015 – just a few months after enrolling – Cliff had closed $80,000 worth of work, spent 25 percent less time working in his business, and completed a $30,000 project with just a 40 hour time investment.

In addition to increased revenues and more freedom, $10K Bootcamp gave Cliff time to focus on developing his business. He now sets each Friday aside to focus on personal and business growth.

Cliff directly attributes a 25 percent rate increase for all clients, 25 percent growth in his business, and tremendous new friendships and collaborations to what he learned in $10K Bootcamp.

“This is the real deal. It’s been life changing.”

$10K Bootcamp

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