Student Story: Emma

From $3K to $25K Projects in 10-Weeks

Struggling to stay afloat.

$3,000 projects are hard to get.

Projects for more $$$ sound like a fantasy.

Can you relate?

Let me tell you how Emma, a recent graduate of $10K Bootcamp, went from a low-paid contractor to building a successful creative agency.

But first…

Check out this growth trajectory she created for her business:


And we’re only halfway through 2016!!!

Let’s get a grip on where Emma was pre-Bootcamp.

Like a lot of web professionals, Emma wasn’t really sure how she fit into the marketplace. She had a set of skills. She understood the web. Her strength was being able to manage creative projects.

She pursued micro-businesses as clients. Businesses that were barely getting started. Generating little-to-no-revenue. Businesses still trying to figure out who they were.

And she paid the price.

They didn’t get her. They didn’t understand the value she brought to the table. Always haggling her down (and she was already starting low).

She was convinced that she could only play a small part in small projects. The result of this mindset was the revenue she was taking home.

(Reference the tiny tiny blue bar in her annual graphic from above.)

“I was at a point in my business where I knew I wasn’t doing it right. I knew I had all this potential – I didn’t know what to do with it. Just doing an online course wasn’t going to cut it for me. I needed to speak to real people and get advice and opinions. That’s exactly what $10K allowed me to do.”
– Emma Morgan

She enrolls in Bootcamp.

10-week business crash-course.

She reboots her business strategy.

Her Mentor and group helped Emma realize the breadth and depth of her expertise. Helped her position her company. Helped her see clearly the *tiny* mistakes costing her *big* dollars. Helped her overcome the obstacles in her way.

Her Mentor says:

“What’s the problem, why aren’t you charging more?”

It happens differently for all of our students. But it happens all the same.

Emma’s mindset shifted.

She realizes the value she brings to the table.

She repositions her business.

She learns how to identify a whole new type of client. A client that values what she does.

A client willing to pay the price.

Emma learns how to identify and say “no” to bad fits.

Emma learns how to target ideal customers.

Emma learns the secret language and process to sell higher value deals.

She follows my processes “by the book” and inks a $25,000 deal.

Over 8X her largest project prior to our program.

How’s that for something to write home about.

She says:

“I never thought that 8 months ago when I joined that I would be able to say that I’ve almost doubled my revenue this year and taking on a staff member. It was just unthinkable. I never would have thought that would have happened.”

I love to see graduates earn more.

But I love their mindset shifts even more.

Building a successful business is a marathon. Not a sprint.

It’s great to ink a high-value project (and OHHH do we celebrate those Victories in Bootcamp). It’s even better to ENJOY building your business. Loving what you do will give you the energy to work hard. Deliver great work. And put in the hours it takes.

I want to help you succeed.

If you resonate with Emma’s story and want results.

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