Student Story: Evelyn

From Working Mom to Local Leader

Evelyn started a graphic design firm 20 years ago so that she could have a flexible career that also allowed her to take care of her children. She worked nights and weekends when her kids were young but it paid off in the long run. She cultivated relationships and maintained loyal clients while also leaving time to volunteer at school and go on field trips with her kids.

With her children grown up, Evelyn knew it was time to focus more intently on her business. uGurus’ $10K Bootcamp helped Evelyn bring her business up to speed by teaching her about modern technologies, how to sell projects, and by giving her what she calls “$10K confidence”.

Shortly after completing $10K Bootcamp, Evelyn won a $20,000 custom website build. Since then she has negotiated two $10,000 sites and a $30,000 site. She has also gained valuable leadership skills and even created a local women’s entrepreneurship group.

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