Student Story: Kronda

How Kronda Turned a Client Q&A into $6,000

Did you know some clients are willing to pay you simply for asking them good questions about their projects? Neither did Kronda Adair. But she had heard of “paid discovery” before, so she gave it a try.


After losing her job, Kronda did what many hope they would have the courage to do: she started her own business. Vowing to never have another boss, Kronda had one simple idea – be a single WordPress developer who could “code into the sunset.” No employees, no complications, no hassles.

No stranger to hard work, Kronda hustled to find her first clients, read as much as she could to sharpen her skills, and found influencers in the industry with strong messages that resonated with her vision. As she uncovered new strategies, Kronda was convinced with each one that she needed to change her business model.

After a couple of tough years handling health challenges, buying a house, and losing a beloved cat, Kronda was looking for a reboot. When she received an email from Brent Weaver, the founder of uGurus, extolling the benefits of their flagship program $10K Bootcamp, Kronda was excited but weary. She wondered if Brent “was for real” and whether she could afford it.

Nervously, she clicked the button to buy as her new mantra resonated in her head: “2015 will be the year of my business.”

Just before beginning Bootcamp in February of 2015, Kronda was approached by a client who needed a big project. Having heard of the discovery process (Brent calls this the “Interaction Model”) – and knowing some people actually got paid for it – she decided to propose a $6000 discovery proposal to the client. He agreed.

Riding high on her discovery win, Kronda began $10K Bootcamp. Immediately, Kronda realized she needed to change the entire proposal she was about to send to her new client. And realized she should present it in person rather than emailing it.

She stayed up until 4 AM the morning of her meeting, rewriting her proposal and putting together a presentation. At the end of her meeting with the client – having just closed $6000 worth of discovery – Kronda anxiously proposed a $30,000 project. The client agreed.

Kronda says that $10K Bootcamp wasn’t necessarily about transforming everything she was doing as much as it was about showing her what’s possible.

“You get into community and hang out with people who have been there done that and have same problems,” Kronda says.

Now that she’s “scaled up,” Kronda has a new set of problems. Luckily, because of Bootcamp, she has access to people who are moving in her same direction, helping her solve them as she grows.

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