Student Story: Matthew

One Web Pro’s Strategy for Doing Work He Loves (and Making More Money)

When Matt was considering our program, he gave us a hard time. Matt had a pretty successful business and had already landed $10K projects. He was making about $500k per year and was convinced that he knew it all. After we reinforced our 30-day money back guarantee, he committed. His transformation is incredible.

When Matt joined $10K Bootcamp, he owned an agency that already had revenue of over half a million dollars a year. Assuming he already knew how to run a successful agency, people around him couldn’t see what he stood to learn by enrolling in a program that taught him systems and processes for running a successful business. By all accounts, he already had one.

What they didn’t know was that Matt was miserable. Despite doing projects with large price tags, his agency was achieving only a 12% profit margin. Matt felt stuck holding onto something he couldn’t let go of. He struggled to understand what that he was clinging so tightly to.

“I felt like I was doing chin-ups and my only choice was to do one more.”

Enrolling in $10K Bootcamp was Matt’s way of trying to let go of that chin-up bar.

Matt likens his experience prior to Bootcamp to someone putting a stack of lumber and tools in front of you and telling you to build a house. You may know what a house looks like, but without the proper guidance, you’d be hopeless to know how to build one. Although he understood most of the concepts and tools $10K had to offer, he also realized he had been getting by without a proper understanding of how to use them.

As $10K Bootcamp began in April, Matt adopted a strategy different from most. Instead of saying, “I learned something today,” Matt ended each lesson with, “I’m going to implement something new today.”

As Matt began to make small changes in his business by implementing the strategies and systems he was learning, he began overcoming his previously unexplainable problems. Before long, he broke out of his rut and began to better understand which parts of his business he liked most and the ones he didn’t. With someone finally showing him how to use the tools, Matt’s agency began to hit it’s stride.

By June, Matt’s agency had its biggest month ever – making $100,000. Even more impressive, he closed every deal in less than two weeks and delivered all work by the end of July. His business was finally firing on all cylinders thanks to $10K Bootcamp.

Before enrolling in the program, Matt’s profit margin was 12 percent. Today, it’s 39 percent. On top of that, Matt and his employees now reinvest one in every four hours on the business. He’s stopped writing code – a task he never particularly enjoyed – by delegating it, so that he can focus more on testing, a part of the job he truly enjoys. He’s also begun delegating all selling as well.

Matt describes his experience in $10K Bootcamp as someone who uses a hammer for the first time. They tap the nail because, at a rudimentary level, that’s what makes. It isn’t until someone shows that person how to hold the hammer, how to swing it, how to focus on the head of the nail, that they use the hammer the way it’s meant to be used. $10K Bootcamp is the mentor who shows you how to drive more nails faster.

Thanks to the guidance he received, Matt’s business has the kind of traction he’s been striving to achieve for years. The same can be said for his profits.

Today, Matt has more confidence in what he wants and why he wants it. At the end of the day, Matt is happy. Best of all, he can finally say that he’s let go of that chin-up bar.

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