Student Story: Tarra

How Bootcamp Enabled Tarra To Take Her First Vacation In Years

Tarra has been a graphics and website designer since she was 16 years old – back when it was terrible GeoCities stuff. We’ve come a long way since then.

But even with all her experience, Tarra was sorely disappointed after getting a BFA and starting her own business. She quickly realized how unprepared she was to work with clients as she started her career as a designer – she simply lacked the core business skills she needed to be successful.

Tarra was hitting wall after wall with clients. She was doing great work on the design side of the business, but was struggling just to pay rent. She was tired, worn out – she didn’t have enough money to even think about buying a new computer, much less go down to the store to buy one. She hadn’t had a vacation since she got married.

That all changed when she found uGurus and decide to take “a leap of faith.” Knowing that uGurus offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, Tarra decided to “beg, borrow, or steal” the money necessary to make the investment in Bootcamp – knowing that she could get it back if Bootcamp wasn’t right for her.

Having been beaten down by the business world, Tarra figured that if Bootcamp helped her land a project that covered the cost of Bootcamp plus $500 or so, it would be worth the investment. Taking her learnings from Bootcamp and with the support of her mentor and from her group of fellow students, Tarra gained the tools and confidence to land her first $10,000 project while still in Bootcamp – more than a 300% immediate return on her investment in Bootcamp!

Shortly after graduation, Tarra finally took the vacation she’d been unable to afford for so long.

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