Student Story: Tracy

How Tracy Booked $90K Worth Of Work In Just 48 Hours

Tracy – owner of a marketing and re-branding company in Austin, Texas – spent a year and a half “losing [her] give a damn.” She was tired being seen as just a graphic designer. Tired of flying under the radar. Tired of working on everyone’s brand but her own. Tired of undervaluing herself.

The clients who were coming to her for graphic design (think small projects like business cards) were thrilled she could do more when she told them; they just weren’t willing to pay for it.

During $10K Bootcamp, Tracy learned how to set different expectations for herself, her work, and her business. After a deep dive into her business processes and finally giving attention to her long neglected website, Tracy successfully changed the types of clients she works with.

“Nobody’s coming to me for [graphic design] anymore, because that’s not what I’m projecting. [Before,] I was projecting the wrong stuff.”

Today, Tracy is on a personal mission. Thanks to Bootcamp, she is helping industrial and building train executives who are continuously apologizing for their outdated websites and neglected brands transform their business identities. Because of the lessons she learned in Bootcamp, Tracy locked down $90,000 worth of work in just 48 hours!

“Everybody I talked to wanted to throw money at me, and it was awesome…It was just flowing, and it was amazing. I’m now worried to answer the phone, because I can’t take on more yet.”

As a one-woman shop, Tracy now has the expectations – and the revenue – to focus on growing her business. With her eye set on building a virtual agency “very soon,” Tracy says, “It’s all completely possible with mindset shifts. [Bootcamp] is the best thing that I ever did.”

$10K Bootcamp

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