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3 Ingredients For Business Success



Do you chronically let yourself off the hook?

The three worst accountability partners are (in no particular order) ourselves, our spouses, and our bank accounts.

When you are out of money, it’s too late: Bank accounts are the worst means to hold yourself accountable. When times are good, motivation runs dry. When it’s empty, there isn’t any time left.

Using your spouse to hold you accountable cuts into dinner time, holidays, and weekends meant to be your time to recharge. Give the gift of you being present back to those you love by keeping them out of the day-to-day pains of your business.

If you lack a business partner and operate alone, then motivation and accountability are hard to come by. Sitting by yourself at your computer for days can drain your motivation.

Has letting yourself off the hook made your priorities as clear as mud?

Lacking clarity in your business affects everything: Are you clear when it comes to your pricing model? Your business strategy? Your target market? Sales process? Project process? Customer experience? Back office procedures?

When you lack clarity on the most important issue in your business, you are left doing busy work. And worse, feeling guilty for all of the things you just don’t have time for.

Just like in farming, 20% or fewer than the seeds we sow drive 80% of our results. The problem is, when you are by yourself, you have no idea which 20%.

This is where a UGURUS Mentor can make all the difference helping you set priorities and hold yourself accountable to getting them done.

What makes all UGURUS Mentors unique is they spend the majority of their professional time running their own agency or freelance business. This means they have the industry experience to provide you the expert counsel you need when making decisions.

If you need a mentor to help you set priorities and hold you accountable to getting things done, click here to enroll in Bootcamp.



I believe the greatest benefit of getting a university education is having access to the environment it creates for learning and networking. From student groups, clubs, classrooms and one-on-one mentorship with professors, nothing beats a live and personalized education with others.

The bad news about universities is they don’t teach you the business skills you need as an entrepreneur. And for that, you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars. No thank you. The alternative is to venture out on the internet and wade through the sea of experts who offer ineffective and isolating online video courses.

At UGURUS we combine the university experience with the convenience of online technology. When you enroll in any UGURUS program, you get access to a smart and friendly community of agency and freelance entrepreneurs.

More importantly, you get to join a small group of students that are at your level and looking to achieve similar goals. Together, your small group is lead by a UGURUS Mentor.

A small group meeting is held by live video conference. In the group, your mentor dives deeper into program content and shares personal experiences and resources for putting the training into practice.

The most powerful ingredients of the small group are the bonds and connections you’ll form. Things begin to feel possible when you discover you are not alone in experiencing your issues. Your group and mentor become the go-to source of insights and inspiration as you put the training into action.

However, the biggest benefit of your small group comes from the peer pressure to set priorities for yourself and holding yourself accountable for getting the work done.

If you need help holding yourself accountable, click here to enroll in Bootcamp.



Are you tired of all the fake business experts out there peddling hype and bad information?

With so much noise in the marketplace, it’s hard to know who to trust.

If you have gotten burned by an expert, you most likely purchased a video course from them.

When was the last time you enjoyed watching a video course or actually completed one?

Considering even Ivy league schools like Harvard struggle to get 7% of online course takers to completion, I guess you’re guilty of this. I certainly am.

The problem with most video courses is they are boring and hard to consume. And the ones from fake experts are based on theory and get you taking the wrong actions.

This truth is we are better together when it comes to learning and mastering skills.

I’m talking about meaningful collaboration. Not a Facebook Group that is absent any valuable discussion or Q&A calls where you end up wasting your time listening to Q&A not relevant to you.

The quickest and easiest path to learning and implementing the business skills you need is by doing it with others. Amazing things happen when you are part of a small group where everyone is at your level and wanting to achieve the same outcomes as you.

That’s what makes learning with UGURUS different. Our trainings are fun, easy to consume, get you implementing the right change in your business, and most importantly, we connect you with a small group of peers with a mentor so you can have truly valuable discussions and Q&A that is 100% relevant to you.

If you are ready to give small group learning a try, click here to enroll in Bootcamp.

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