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333 Great Resources for Responsive Web Design

So, you’ve known about responsive design for a long time, but you never tried to create a responsive web design on your own? Or you downloaded a responsive template, but have no idea how to change things up or add responsive elements to it?

This is where I was not very long ago. That’s why I put together the Responsive Design Knowledge Hub to help you learn more about this hot topic in web design. By clicking through the various lists of helpful tutorials, tools, examples, and much more, you will get a head start on your next responsive design project. For both newbies and responsive veterans alike, this guide is a valuable resource to be added to your virtual web design toolkit.

Here’s what you will get with the Responsive Design Knowledge Hub

The Responsive Design Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive resource of examples, tutorials, templates, and frameworks for web designers learning how to use responsive design. It is intended to be a bookmarklet to provide an all-in-one resource for responsive web design beginners.

Table of Contents

  • Definitions: We have a look at the general overview and definition of responsive design with a list of pros and cons, as well as a checklist to evaluate your readiness for responsive design.
  • Examples and Inspiration: Includes lists of beautiful responsive design examples, galleries, and themes to show off the extent of possibilities when it comes to responsive web design.
  • Core Concepts: In this section, you will learn about the overall concept of responsive design and its core elements — CSS media queries, HTML, and grids — and how it is essential for them to play together to create a website that is responsive.
  • Tutorials and Tools: I’ve gathered a list of excellent tutorials, best practices, and easy to follow how-tos that focus on the step-by-step creation of Responsive Design. Also this section will provide you with a list of useful tips and tricks regarding common pitfalls in responsive design — images, forms, tables, and navigation and also it will take you on a quick tour into what is possible in responsive email design.
  • Frameworks: There are plenty of responsive frameworks that come fully packed with everything you need for your next responsive design project. In this section, you will find a list of comparable resources to help you decide on the one that is best for you.
    Workflow and Processes: Learn more about how responsive design will change your views on tackling a project and how it will affect your entire workflow. In addition, learn how to develop a new responsive process in these valuable articles.

The Responsive Design Knowledge Hub is growing and changing everyday, now with well over 333 great resources for responsive web design. If you want to add your knowledge, or if you feel there are tips and tricks missing, please leave a comment to help your fellow responsive designers know about them.

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