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How I helped an agency add $50k in revenue in 10-minutes

Are you having cash flow problems?

A few weeks before the year ended, one of my program grads emailed me that she was in a bit of a cash flow crunch. Business was overall really good, just a cash slump due to some project deadlines getting pushed and new clients delaying their kickoffs.

It happens to the best of us.

What most agency owners do in this situation is grin and bear it.

Pay themselves less.

Let some bills pile up.

Sleep less.

That’s not what we teach our tribe.

We advocate that they let their Mentor know what’s up. Let us behind the curtain into the dark reality that sneaks up on us. And it’s in that honesty that we thrive.

She says, “I have a cashflow situation and I’m kinda freaking out.”

I say, “Have you done ________ yet?”

She replies, “No, how would I do ________ ?”

And that’s when I pull back my curtain and share the exact tools and resources she needs to get her out of the situation she’s in. In roughly ten minutes I teach her exactly what she needs to do, when she needs to do it, and how she’ll execute.

She’s a smart cookie and knows how to make things happen. I’m sure I could hold her hand, but she’s graduated $10K Bootcamp, she’s a member of our Mastermind tribe. She gets it.

So she executes.

Over the next two weeks she keeps me updated with a few emails as to what’s going on. At one point her confidence drops a bit. I encourage her to keep faith and carry on.


It happens. Exactly what I told her would happen. Two weeks after she told me she had a cashflow problem, here are the results:

She closed $6,000 in immediate deals with credit card payments in the bank.

She added a $2,000 per month retainer to her books for 2017.

With another $250 per month consulting client (only a one hour call per month to deliver).

Two clients that had gone dark came back with prospects of complete site overhauls in the $10-20k range.

A referral partner decided that she needs to help all of their clients with website and online marketing needs. Potentially adding dozens of clients to her books in the next year or two.

$50k is on the low-end of what her business will earn from what I taught her in 10-minutes. That’s the thing about getting access to a proven business system.

You get to stop making all this stuff up yourself. You stop feeling helpless when things get rough. No more trial by fire.

By now you are probably thinking: “Why doesn’t Brent just tell me what he told this other agency owner so I can earn an extra $50k this year?”

I wish it worked like that.

For this to work, a few things had to be in place first:

She is a $10K Bootcamp graduate. I got to make some assumptions about what she already had in place for her business. She already knew the language our tribe speaks. She had people and mechanisms already in place. I knew that if I helped her generate a high amount of interest in a really short amount of time, she could turn that opportunity into actual deals and revenue for her business.

She is coachable. After going through Bootcamp, you learn to trust your Mentors. I didn’t have to spend much time convincing her why this method works. She trusted my framework and got to work executing.

She has confidence in herself and her business. It’s the number one thing our Bootcamp grads tell us they gain. A lot of agency owners are timid to sell or market themselves because they don’t believe in themselves. We teach our students how to do work that matters. This changes everything for people.

When she emailed me nine days ago about the results she got, I wasn’t surprised. I did what I always do:

  • I congratulated her on the success.
  • I asked what she thought worked best and what she could improve for next time.
  • I added her email to my “thank you” folder that contains over 400 such messages.

I want this kind of success for you.

But you have to do something to get there.

You need to get into $10K Bootcamp.

It’s not for everyone.

You need to be ready and willing to execute a proven business system.

You need to be open to new ideas and methods that will challenge what you think is possible.

And most of all…

You need to be ready to take action.

The first step is to apply for a Strategy Call.

If you want to earn another $50k or $100k this year then you need to take action. Swift, decisive, action.

The game is won by those that take the first step.

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Get moving.

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