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AffinityLive Review with CEO Geoff McQueen

Keeping your web design business organized can be a huge challenge. Often you have to use a bunch of different systems to keep everything in order: sales CRM, project management, support, billing systems, and so on.

There are a growing number of APIs available for various SaaS programs and “pipe” apps to help you sync data, but it is still a pain to get it to work just right.

A product named AffinityLive is trying to end all of this chaos with a single app to manage your web design business end-to-end.

I had a chance to sit down with their CEO, Geoff McQueen, and dig into why he created AffinityLive and why he thinks it’s so great for your business.

(I apologize for Geoff’s wonky video at the beginning…it does stop wobbling after a couple minutes.)

If you are interested in signing up for AffinityLive, using the following promo code (“ugurus”) will provide Plus plan members the Contract & Retainers features, which are usually only included in their Premium plan.


Disclaimer: Just FYI, we do not have any affiliate relationship with AL, nor do we get any kind of kickback for users who decide to sign up using our promo code. I hope you take this post as purely informational about AL and not some backwoods way for us to monetize our site 🙂

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