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Are you a Bottle Neck in your agency

And if yes, is that holding your Agency back from the growth that you’re really after?

In today’s training, we have 5 key concepts to help you first relieve, and then remove that bottleneck:

Those 5 key concepts are:

1  Inventory Your Business as it Operates Today 

Take Your Position

Document the Critical 20%

Start with the End in Mind

Create Fast Indexes

And we’ll go into more detail on each shortly…

But as an agency owner, do you find that being the bottleneck in your agency is causing daily issues and holding you back from reaching the true potential of your business?  

What we’re about to share you can do today to overcome that problem –  reclaim time back, scale your business, be more profitable, and have a more successful agency.

SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures – are probably already on your radar, but like a lot of Agency owners, you may believe that creating them is a time-consuming and burdensome process that you have to drudge through in order to delegate. 

Due to this belief, a lot of people wind up putting the process off, and its one of the single biggest reasons that stop a business like yours growing to where you want it to get to.  

We’ve developed an SOP Builder Tool to help make the process easier and you can grab that at the bottom of this article. 

Watch this video to learn more about the ideas we’ve covered in this article to help you create your agency SOPs so you can delegate and get the same or better outcome as if you had done the work yourself.

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But first, we’ll dive deeper into the five key concepts that you need to master in your business (in order to create your operations playbook) and make sure your SOPs are working for you and your team: 

#1 – Inventory Your Business as it Operates Today 

Live in the moment. The key to freeing up your time is to assess what’s going on right now in your business and get things off of your plate. 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re creating SOPs is that they imagine what their business might do a month or two from now and create SOPs for procedures that have never actually been done in their organization. The key to freeing up your time right now is to look at the things that are going on currently in your business and develop ways to get those tasks off of your plate. The goal is to see an immediate ROI on delegating your SOPs.

#2 – Take Your Position

There’s no room for ambiguity. Create your proven processes and document exactly how your business does things.

Be clear and concise about how your company does the things that you do, don’t leave things open-ended. Document your proven process, take a stand for how you do things, and put that on paper.

#3 – Document the Critical 20% 

Start by recording a small portion of your process. Choose someone to expand on that, then review your 20% docs together to create 100% documentation.  

Take the time to document the critical 20% of your process that gets you 80% of our results. Don’t try to create documentation that’s 100% perfect right from the start. If you’ve got a process or activity that’s eating away at your time, sit down and write out a short checklist of the activities that get you the majority of your results. When you have someone to delegate that process to, sit down with them and review your 20% docs, then together, create 100% documentation. By using this method you can start delegating things off of your plate immediately.  

#4 – Start with the End in Mind 

Focus on the ultimate outcome for the SOP you are building, one such outcome is ceasing a time-consuming activity so that you can focus on more important tasks, another is changing your sales process so that you don’t have to be involved from start to finish. Any success criteria you can think of fits the bill here, just keep it in mind as you create your SOPs. 

#5 – Create Fast Indexes 

Enable fast access for your whole team to all of your SOPs so that they are easy to use.

Plenty of companies have operating playbooks. They have files that are full of documentation, but nobody actually uses them. Why is that?  It’s because the documentation isn’t easily accessible. The key is to create an organized index that your whole team can access. Once that’s in place use file folders and quick links to get to those SOPs within two clicks. No one should have to type anything, just click twice and you’re in.

By following these 5 steps and downloading our tool you can start building SOPs today and drive your business forward.

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