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Are You Lacking Clients Because You Suck at Sales?

Before you rush to judgment on your sales abilities (even if those need a little work), you might be lacking clients because you aren’t having conversations with enough prospects.

In sales, your close ratio is the percentage of business that you win. Depending on how many opportunities you pursue versus actual contracts you sign.

There are a lot of factors that go into this percentage.

A good close ratio is around 25%. Meaning, if you talk to four potential customers and get one, you are decent at sales. If you are closing around 10% of your prospective customers, you are average.

There is a saying that “anyone can close 10% of anything.”

Before you judge whether sales is really the issue holding you back from growing your business, you should do some napkin math to figure out what your close ratio is.

Getting More Clients Is Usually About Prospecting

Helping web designers with their sales game is one of my top priorities. However, sometimes we are extra hard on ourselves regarding sales.

A lot of people think they suck at sales, when in truth they suck at prospecting.

They aren’t having conversations with enough people.

If you only reach one or two prospects per month and you wonder why you aren’t getting any sales, then you might want to rethink how you are getting in front of prospects.

Getting More Theoretical

There are two primary functions to grow your business: sales and marketing.

Marketing is the strategy used to find interested people. This could include advertising, attending conferences, sending emails, speaking at events, and so on. It is the function that helps you prospect.

Sales, on the other hand, is the tactical execution you use once you have an interested prospect. It is the process you use to close a deal, and how you handle yourself one-on-one.

Before you pass ultimate judgment on yourself as to whether or not you completely suck at sales, I suggest figuring out your close ratio. From there, you will know what you should work on first: sales or marketing.

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