Do Bigger Clients Have Bigger Expectations?

There is a common fear amongst most freelancers and new agency owner. And it is this…If I land a bigger client who pays me more money, are they going to expect more? And my answer is…it depends. Check out this quick video to get to the nitty gritty of this common question.

Examples of $10K+ Projects

Are you worried your potential client might ask, “can you show me examples of a $10K site you’ve done before?” Here’s exactly how to handle it and why it’s important.
Find your “Energy Quotient”

Find your “Energy Quotient”

A few years ago I was at mastermind for digital agency owners. One of the speakers ran a 200-person agency. Someone asked him how many hours he put in per week. “No more than 30-hours.” Jaws dropped all around the room. Attendees whispered, “Did he just say thirty...
How Do You Find Good Freelancers To Help You Take On Work?

Breaking Down 5 Common Pricing Strategies

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of web professionals build amazing businesses by teaching them to focus on three key components: strategy, sales, and projects. This boils down to one simple concept: “High value work for high pay.” And while these...

Do clients prefer agencies over freelancers?

Labels are important. It’s how we humans categorize things. It’s how we know when you yell to a friend: “There is a bear outside!” That you aren’t talking about an ice cream truck. Which of course if you did think that, something might very well get eaten… but it’s...

5 Major Web Design Trends Shaping Websites in 2015

Alina Senderzon, design principal at ZURB, sat down to talk with me about design trends in 2015, how she finds her creative inspiration, and what web design trends she sees out on the horizon. Responsive web design is still the major trend that has carried over from...