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Have you ever been approached by a business coach who had zero experience running an agency? I have. I’m sure there are those out there that can add value… but I’ve always been a little suspect. Look, I get that most businesses are about the same. They all have to market. They all have to… read more

When I first started my digital agency, I found there were two types of clients out there: – Those that had terrible budgets – Those that had great budgets In my early years, I got a lot of the terrible ones…. But after pitching over 1,000 deals I cracked the code on why some clients… read more

For web design businesses looking to grow, hiring a salesperson is a natural first step. Unfortunately, many businesses make hiring decisions without adequately considering the kind of person they need and what is best for their business. Finding a proper balance between the two is key. Luckily, uGurus can help you avoid some of the… read more

Seeking a greater value for your services typically involves raising your prices. How do you handle existing clients when making these changes to your business? You can find the answer in this week’s Gold Nugget Question…. read more

Preparation is the key to success. But how much effort should you really put into discovery before you formally make a proposal? Our answer in this week’s Gold Nugget Question…. read more

As web professionals, our project management systems help us stay organized and focused. But what happens when a client refuses to use your system? We tackle this issue in this week’s Gold Nugget Question…. read more

Adding information to your website proposal is great, but is there a point where you can have too much information? We tackle this issue in this week’s Gold Nugget Question…. read more

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency owner, you’re going to reach a point in your business when you need to outsource work. When this happens, it’s hard to know who to turn for an extra hand. That’s why we reached out to some $10K Graduates to get their thoughts on outsourcing work: where to… read more

We’ve all been there. You meet someone new, maybe at a party or networking event, ask them what they do, and receive a well rehearsed line about, “I do blah blah blah for blah blah blah.” They sound like Charlie Brown’s parents and you begin looking for the nearest exit. As you walk away you… read more

Looking for Better Projects? Ask Clients to Pay for Discovery. Discovery is a process of using your expertise through a series of questions across 4-5 meetings to uncover your client’s business pains and goals so you can develop a course of action to solve/achieve those goals. Paid discovery is charging for this. Doing good discovery… read more