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Build Your Email List Fast 

It’s time to accelerate the growth of your email list. These are the principles that will allow you to generate leads on demand and keep your sales pipeline full.

When it comes to attracting new clients on-demand, there’s nothing more powerful than an email list.

In fact, I’ve scaled multiple businesses to seven figures with my email lists at the center. Want to get the same results, or even better than that? 

This article is all about how to build your own list so that it produces a ton of leads for you.

When you get this right, your list becomes a crucial asset in your agency. We have a lot to cover, so let’s jump right into…

The Problems

The problem for a lot of agency owners is that they don’t have an email list. And if they do, it’s either a really small list or it’s inactive.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not sending out emails.

And because you’ve not sent emails for a long time, the thought of starting now actually creates feelings of guilt. 

You haven’t talked to these people in a long time. Why would they care if you suddenly start sending emails now?

Of course, there’s the flip side of that argument. What’s the point of having a list with thousands of people in it if you’re not sending anything to them?

This problem arises because of another problem.

A lot of agency owners don’t know what they should send to their list. 

You shoot across the “Thank You” email when they subscribe. But then, you get stuck. You don’t know what types of content that list would find valuable so you don’t send out anything.

Again, that leaves you with a cold list that won’t generate any leads for you.

And that’s the key problem. 

At the end of the day, you’re not getting leads or sales from your list. That creates a negative habit loop. The list doesn’t give you anything so you don’t work on it. You don’t invest in it, which means it will continue to give you nothing.

The Opportunities

The opportunity here is really simple.

You want to have a healthy and growing list. A healthy list is one that you have a relationship with and that you’re constantly adding to over time.

We add between 600 and 1,000 names to my list every single month. And we’ve done that for about seven years, which means my list grows by thousands every year.

That’s where I want you to be with your list.

I want you to be able to leverage your list however you see fit. And I want you to have a few consistent list strategies that make you feel good about approaching your list.

Ultimately, your email list needs to be a way for you to generate leads on demand. It needs to be something that you can tap into whenever you need to fill your sales pipeline.

It’s not just about sending a newsletter and keeping people up to date. Think more along the lines of turning the people on your list into educated and informed buyers. 

From there, it’s about having a strategy that inspires them to take action.

Now, there are Five Hot Principles to the Rapid Email List Builder. While I’m going to cover them briefly here, there’s a ton more about this that you can learn if you join UACADEMY.

Principle #1 – Build Your List Strategy

Your email list is at the core of an attract-based marketing strategy.

At this stage, you’re focused on publishing free content and forging strategic partnerships. Maybe you’re also using paid traffic to drive awareness of your agency.

Yes, you want to drive strategy calls too. But the goal with your email list is to create marketing leverage that ultimately results in a consistent flow of leads.

So, the strategy is really simple.

You are building a list of interested people who may want to work with your agency. They’re interested in your services and your content. Now, you’re just trying to get them to raise their hands.

But when they first join your list, they’re not ready to buy. They’re just giving you permission to educate and nurture them until they reach that point.

It’s like building a reservoir. You don’t just get this huge mass of water out of nowhere. You need to create a strategy for building it. 

That means you’ve got to spend time on the construction. And from there, you’ve got to slowly funnel water into it, which is a process that can take years.

Right now, you have your reservoir and your email list is the water. You’re going to funnel that water into your reservoir until it’s completely full. But you can’t try and do it all at once because the pipe will burst and no water will make it to the reservoir.

It takes time and care, which is the key to your email list strategy.

Principle #2 – Choose Your Platform and Tactics

Email platforms are a dime a dozen. The key here is that you need to choose the one that works best for you.

Have you ever seen the film Kingsman? Those guys have all of these tools at their disposal to do what they need to do. But they’re not spending months figuring out which tool to use. They just pick one and get on with the job.

That’s what I want you to do with choosing your platform. Make the choice right now and stick with it, rather than hemming and hawing.

You have a ton of options when it comes to tactics. You have broadcast, drip, nine-word emails, and so much more. Again, what you decide to do boils down to what works best for your agency.

But when it comes to choosing the type of email to send, there are two parameters to keep in mind:

  1. Is your email valuable to your list?
  2. Does your email inspire the people on your list to take the action that you want them to take?

Check every email that you create against those two parameters. If the email isn’t measuring up, ditch it and try something else.

Principle #3 – Cast Your Magnets

Over the long term, you’re going to use lead magnets (learn more about lead magnets here) to grow your email list. 

Sure, you have other techniques, like events and handing out business cards. But once you’ve got the list started, it’s your lead magnets that will cause it to grow rapidly.

Your lead magnets are the pieces of content that you’re giving away in exchange for somebody’s email address. Examples include a piece of skyscraper content or a book. 

Your magnet may even be a free webinar that they can only access when they share their email.

The important things are that you 1) have the magnets and you 2) cast them out.

For example, set up landing pages and push traffic toward them.

Most importantly, notice the plural here. A single magnet isn’t enough. You want to have multiple magnets cast out at any one time.

Think of yourself as a deep-sea fisherman. These guys have about 10 lines in the water at all times so they can get as many bites as possible. That’s what you’re doing with your lead magnets. And you never know when one will end up being the most successful.

Principle #4 – Turn Up Your Traffic

You can’t just post lead magnets and hope that everything else takes care of itself.

You have to do a little more than that. Once you have your lead magnets, you need to drive traffic toward them. The more traffic you push toward your magnets, the faster and larger your list will grow.

That creates more and more marketing leverage for your agency.

There are all sorts of things that you can do to push traffic toward a lead magnet. For starters, you can go with free content partnerships. 

Paid ads create exposure, which leads to more people landing at the magnet. 

You could also try to go the organic route on social media. However, that takes a lot of time to build up.

I recommend going down the paid route—if possible—because it’s faster and you measure results directly.

The key is that you have something in place to drive traffic to your magnets.

Principle #5 – Leverage Your List

It feels like a magical fairy dies every time a client tells me that they have a list but they don’t email anyone on it.

I cannot stress this enough: you have to leverage your list.

Don’t worry about people potentially unsubscribing or getting upset that you’ve emailed them. They signed up for the list so they’re expecting you to deliver content to them.

I want you to think of your list like it’s everlasting gobstoppers. It will always be there, no matter how much you use it, because you’re constantly growing it.

You may have some people who unsubscribe. But if you’re following these principles, you also have far more new people joining the list every month. 

What Does Your List Look Like?

And more importantly, are you leveraging your list if you have one?

I’m going to bet that a lot of agency owners aren’t generating the leads that they should from their lists. With the Rapid Email List Builder, you’ll create a stronger list that you can actually leverage.

In the end, that will also mean more sales for your agency.

Are you interested in digging deeper into this, in addition to a bunch of other ways to scale your agency?

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