Articles On Clients

There is a common fear amongst most freelancers and new agency owner. And it is this…If I land a bigger client who pays me more money, are they going to expect more? And my answer is…it depends. Check out this quick video to get to the nitty gritty of this common question.

Clients believe they need websites. And you probably believe you need to build them. But I have a dirty little secret: “No one needs a website.” When I learned this secret… it changed the game. I went from selling $2-3,000 projects to $20-30,000 projects. Almost identical work. But my mindset shifted. I learned a basic… read more

Matthew Gravatt, Founder and CTO of Radiant Interactive in Boulder, CO, sits down with me to discuss ventures, re-birth, invoicing, and company culture. “You’re smart enough…” “If you find that piece of what you really love…you can turn it into something amazing” Matt founded Radiant in order to bring “rock solid software and digital marketing… read more

Andrew Beckman (CEO) and Alex Porter (President) of Location3 Media in Denver, CO discuss starting their company, overcoming growing pains, direct response marketing, social media, and partnerships. Andrew started Location3 Media in 1999 after his time at Doubleclick selling ads on Altavista and wanting to do his own thing. Alex joined shortly after in 2003 after… read more

Bob Morehouse Founder and CEO of Vermilion in Boulder CO discusses Vermilion’s expansion into digital services from print, technology challenges, the value of Instagram, and selling the bigger vision. Bob founded Vermilion shortly after moving to Boulder, CO out of desperation to support his hopeful magazine career focusing on design in the early 1980’s. Vermilion… read more