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When you don’t have recurring revenue, your agency is constantly in crisis. You’re always searching for the next client, and your quality of service can suffer. Our Recurring Revenue Package Builder is the answer. Every digital agency needs to plan for recurring revenue. You need to have recurring packages that you sell alongside your standalone… read more

Are you sitting on a goldmine? Are you relying on your “years of work”? Get intellectual property out of your head and onto your bottom line. You need to be competitive in today’s landscape. There are more agencies out there offering services than ever before.  But you have an unfair advantage… You have experience you… read more

Does your agency need more leads? Here are 5 principles behind building a powerful lead magnet in just 90 minutes. Is your agency struggling to get leads?  If you don’t have leads, you don’t have growth. Plus there’s stress and frustration and fruitless hard work… Why not build a quick lead magnet? With your magnet,… read more

What’s the fastest way to overcome a ton of competition? A great proposal presentation is the key. But it’s not enough to just tell a client what you offer. A lot of digital agency owners have the same problem. You have a potential client lined up. They seem like a perfect fit for your business… read more

Selling a $10,000 project is easy once you’ve found a $100,000 problem. Your discovery process plays an important role in this so you can’t take shortcuts. Why do you think you’re struggling to sell a $10,000 solution to your clients? It’s usually because they have a nagging feeling in the back of their minds. They’re… read more

Just like the meetings in your sales process, your delivery meetings need a “pulse”. This simple solution ensures you deliver and delight at every stage. The Deliver and Delight system is the third super important system that I teach during UACADEMY Bootcamp. How are you going to deliver on the promises that you made to… read more

Building trust and creating value are the two key things you need to do for potential clients. You can’t do that if you only interact with them once. Your process needs to carry all of the weight and stress of sales for you. The problem is that many digital agency owners don’t have a process… read more

A student of mine recently informed me of an idea called your bus count. Answer the question: “How many team members can get hit by a bus without the company going bust?” Your answer is your bus count. The higher the number, the more robust your business is to survive unexpected events. Asking for your… read more

There is a common fear amongst most freelancers and new agency owner. And it is this…If I land a bigger client who pays me more money, are they going to expect more? And my answer is…it depends. Check out this quick video to get to the nitty gritty of this common question.

Looking for Better Projects? Ask Clients to Pay for Discovery. Discovery is a process of using your expertise through a series of questions across 4-5 meetings to uncover your client’s business pains and goals so you can develop a course of action to solve/achieve those goals. Paid discovery is charging for this. Doing good discovery… read more

“My nephew can do this for $800.” I call this The Kiss of Death. It’s not your fault that people say it. But it is your fault if you let it define your business. Don’t let our industry fool you. You are not a commodity. Massively competitive labor marketplaces, free content management systems, and cheap… read more

I’ve been in this business for a long time. Despite all my years of hard work, a day came where I realized I was not making money. I still was not getting ahead. I found myself losing every single proposal. In the off chance that I won one, I ended up cutting prices to get… read more

Everybody hates cold calling. A lot of people, whom I respect, say you need to make 40 cold calls a day. If you’re lucky, two of them will work out. My strategy is to make two to five calls but make them count by warming them up a little. Hit the ground running by doing… read more

Labels are important. It’s how we humans categorize things. It’s how we know when you yell to a friend: “There is a bear outside!” That you aren’t talking about an ice cream truck. Which of course if you did think that, something might very well get eaten… but it’s probably you that’s the ice cream…. read more

Clients believe they need websites. And you probably believe you need to build them. But I have a dirty little secret: “No one needs a website.” When I learned this secret… it changed the game. I went from selling $2-3,000 projects to $20-30,000 projects. Almost identical work. But my mindset shifted. I learned a basic… read more

Ever heard the saying, “too much of a good thing can be bad?” Well, I was just chatting with a close freelance front-end designer friend of mine and she needed some help navigating a tough situation. You see, she started freelancing for a company for her normal hourly rate. She was getting paid well and… read more

Scott Yates is Founder of BlogMutt in Boulder, CO. I got a chance to sit down with him to discuss SEO, startups, incentive programs, and everything blogging. “There is no short cut to writing 500 blog posts” “The first 200 are a struggle…” Scott co-founded BlogMutt with Wade Green as a way to solve an… read more