Articles On Clients

The freelance web designer’s dream is to work with clients they love on projects that excite them for the fees they deserve. Unfortunately, most of the time reality doesn’t look like this. Most freelancers I know work with whoever needs them on whatever projects come along for whatever fees they can negotiate. I believe this… read more

Most web professionals narrowly focus on design and development. Content is secondary, and to be dealt with after the client provides it. Too many web professionals assume the client is capable and has content covered. But underestimating content is a lethal mistake. Content is a silent killer. Quietly strangling the life from website projects. It… read more

I don’t pay for cable, and I certainly wasn’t watching the 2013 Teen Choice awards. But, I ran across this clip of Ashton Kutcher giving his acceptance speech and loved how he delivered a powerful message. You may have heard something like this from your dad or grandfather (minus the sexy part) because these are… read more

On recent blogs, all the rage is to tell you to only work with clients that: Let you have creative freedom Never consider asking for out of scope items Always pay their bills on time Set reasonable expectations for deadlines Always promptly send you feedback Never ask for additional changes after a revision round Are… read more

Do you have clients that are behind on their bills? If you do, it’s probably putting a damper on your cash flow outlook. If you aren’t careful, you might wake up one day and realize that you have nothing in the bank. I used to have a lot of problems with customers paying invoices late…. read more