Articles On Entrepreneurship

Brad Weber is founder and President of InspiringApps in Boulder, CO. He and I sit down to discuss his transition from corporate consulting to being a founder, profitability, continuous learning and budgeting for product with service revenues. Brad started InspiringApps in 2007, the same time the iPhone was introduced. He and his team quickly moved InspiringApps… read more

Creative Director and Owner of Indianapolis-based Roundpeg, Lorraine Ball joins our program to discuss her agency, growth, marketing, talent, and how she leverages her competitors to get more clients. Lorraine Ball started Roundpeg because she was tired of the standard, cookie-cutter model of marketing in corporate businesses. After flying out to Denver to create Attract… read more

Founder and President of Denver-based Neon Rain Interactive, Arif Gangji, sits down with me to discuss his agency, growth, and his unique way of finding talent. After Arif Gangji moved away from his hacking days in high school, he started Neon Rain, in 2002, as a company that would be recognized for its talent and… read more

In lieu of my usual Q & A post today, I decided to write about what I’m thankful for. No matter your stance on Thanksgiving and its marred history—or maybe you don’t even live in the US—it’s never a bad thing to spend a day thinking about what you are thankful for. This exercise is… read more