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Creative Director and Owner of Indianapolis-based Roundpeg, Lorraine Ball joins our program to discuss her agency, growth, marketing, talent, and how she leverages her competitors to get more clients. Lorraine Ball started Roundpeg because she was tired of the standard, cookie-cutter model of marketing in corporate businesses. After flying out to Denver to create Attract… read more

VP of Strategy for Denver-based Fusionbox, Ivy Hastings, sits down with me to discuss their agency, Python, and their dedication to the open source community. Fusionbox has been creating result-driven interactive solutions for their clients since 2001. Ivy joined the team in 2003. Ivy helps educate clients on how to create long lasting strategies in… read more

Founder and President of Denver-based Neon Rain Interactive, Arif Gangji, sits down with me to discuss his agency, growth, and his unique way of finding talent. After Arif Gangji moved away from his hacking days in high school, he started Neon Rain, in 2002, as a company that would be recognized for its talent and… read more

Walking out of a prospective customer meeting, I realized that I had just laid out exactly what their online strategy should be over the next twelve months. And I didn’t make a dime off of it. Whether they hire me or not, they’ll be leveraging my knowledge to shape the future of their business. That’s… read more

I always enjoy sitting down with other web design entrepreneurs. My latest interview at the uGurus HQ is with another local virtual agency owner, Tracy Schloss, of Schloss Web Services. Brent: I’m Brent Weaver, and you’re watching uGurus, the must-see show to become a more profitable and in-demand web professional. I’m really excited to welcome… read more