Articles On Marketing

Most of us wonder how we can get more customers interested in our business. If you find yourself asking, “Why don’t people understand my business and its value? Why can’t I attract clients?” the fault is probably not your product or service but in your branding. What is Branding? One of the key elements in… read more

I had a problem. I opened the door to my chicken coop. I caught a glimpse of a tiny dark object scurrying in the shadows… (Yes, I have 3 chickens in my backyard—explaining this will be left to another post.) For a second, I thought it must be my imagination. You know, like the protagonist… read more

Andrew Beckman (CEO) and Alex Porter (President) of Location3 Media in Denver, CO discuss starting their company, overcoming growing pains, direct response marketing, social media, and partnerships. Andrew started Location3 Media in 1999 after his time at Doubleclick selling ads on Altavista and wanting to do his own thing. Alex joined shortly after in 2003 after… read more

President of Booyah Online Advertising, Troy Lerner sits down with me to discuss the one-man band, direct response, and his advice for the challenges he faces as a leader. When Troy was first introduced to Booyah, his initial goal was to poach their talent, but he soon found himself being poached and joining Booyah. Initially… read more

Putting It All Together… In this video, you’ll learn how to put together a social media selling process, and you’ll learn about the phases that must be completed to reach success. Plus, I’ll introduce you to some of the best social media tools that are available today. (Did you miss part 1? Watch it here:… read more