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President of Booyah Online Advertising, Troy Lerner sits down with me to discuss the one-man band, direct response, and his advice for the challenges he faces as a leader. When Troy was first introduced to Booyah, his initial goal was to poach their talent, but he soon found himself being poached and joining Booyah. Initially… read more

Putting It All Together… In this video, you’ll learn how to put together a social media selling process, and you’ll learn about the phases that must be completed to reach success. Plus, I’ll introduce you to some of the best social media tools that are available today. (Did you miss part 1? Watch it here:… read more

Social media. As business owners it’s in our faces everywhere we go. Social lead gen, inbound marketing, content marketing–you name it. Everyone’s on the band wagon saying it’s the “lead gen tool of our time.” The concept seems simple enough: maintain a Facebook page, post on Twitter, and maybe even post an article on your… read more

VP of Strategy for Denver-based Fusionbox, Ivy Hastings, sits down with me to discuss their agency, Python, and their dedication to the open source community. Fusionbox has been creating result-driven interactive solutions for their clients since 2001. Ivy joined the team in 2003. Ivy helps educate clients on how to create long lasting strategies in… read more

Content marketing can build your business, but to make it work you need to know the ground rules. I should first say that, ground rules or no, your content needs to be truly awesome in order for it to hit home with potential clients. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending emails, writing a blog, publishing… read more

You’re not a marketing guru. It’s not what you’re good at—and besides, between trying to land deals and actually implementing projects, you’ve got enough on your plate. But you are a businessperson, which means you know that without clients it doesn’t matter what you know or how good you are. If you don’t have a… read more

In previous posts I’ve talked about content marketing—both what it is and why you should invest in it. But in this post, I want to talk about the actual “content” in your content marketing. And I’m going to start by painting a picture for you. Imagine two friends at a party. The first guy says,… read more

Today’s savvy consumers have learned to tune out sales pitches. They fast-forward through commercials on their DVRs; they use pop-up blockers online; they sign up for the Do Not Call registry to keep from having to answer telemarketers. Is it any wonder that B2B advertising messages can no longer effectively reach the same people when… read more

How’s your marketing looking these days? Is it looking like…marketing? Here’s a sobering fact: nine out of ten of your potential clients do online research before they make personal purchases. What are they looking for? Useful information like reviews, testimonials, tips, how-tos, and checklists…anything that may help them to make a more informed purchase decision…. read more

I always enjoy sitting down with other web design entrepreneurs. My latest interview at the uGurus HQ is with another local virtual agency owner, Tracy Schloss, of Schloss Web Services. Brent: I’m Brent Weaver, and you’re watching uGurus, the must-see show to become a more profitable and in-demand web professional. I’m really excited to welcome… read more