Articles On Q&A Thursday

There you are… Sitting with a potential website customer, you’re connecting, getting on the same page, and then out comes: “You seem a bit overpriced. I can get this same thing on Wix for free… what’s the difference? Why should I hire you?” And it’s happened. The hammer has dropped. You start questioning yourself… “Am… read more

Every so often I get asked a very important question:    “Brent, is the web dead? Should I even be considering a career in web design, development, or online marketing?” My first thought is to wonder where this question originates from. Why would anyone think that the web is dying? More Options Websites aren’t the… read more

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of this sentence: “If this goes well, we have a ton of work to bring you, so give us a deal on this project.” It’s a negotiation today for the promise of future work. Better expressed with the gambling term, betting on the come…. read more

On recent blogs, all the rage is to tell you to only work with clients that: Let you have creative freedom Never consider asking for out of scope items Always pay their bills on time Set reasonable expectations for deadlines Always promptly send you feedback Never ask for additional changes after a revision round Are… read more