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When you don’t have recurring revenue, your agency is constantly in crisis. You’re always searching for the next client, and your quality of service can suffer. Our Recurring Revenue Package Builder is the answer. Every digital agency needs to plan for recurring revenue. You need to have recurring packages that you sell alongside your standalone… read more

Are you sitting on a goldmine? Are you relying on your “years of work”? Get intellectual property out of your head and onto your bottom line. You need to be competitive in today’s landscape. There are more agencies out there offering services than ever before.  But you have an unfair advantage… You have experience you… read more

When you understand what your customers want and need, you can build the right offer. Have you ever wondered if you’re making the best possible offer to your customers? Do you know what they want and need from your business? Are you delivering the offer that will make a customer look at your agency and… read more

Your sales call isn’t working. You’re running into roadblocks and clients aren’t taking your offer. These are the principles behind creating a call that closes new clients faster. Today, I’m going to talk about improving your win systems. I want you to sell more effectively so you can bring on more high-value clients.  (More articles… read more

What’s the fastest way to overcome a ton of competition? A great proposal presentation is the key. But it’s not enough to just tell a client what you offer. A lot of digital agency owners have the same problem. You have a potential client lined up. They seem like a perfect fit for your business… read more

Selling a $10,000 project is easy once you’ve found a $100,000 problem. Your discovery process plays an important role in this so you can’t take shortcuts. Why do you think you’re struggling to sell a $10,000 solution to your clients? It’s usually because they have a nagging feeling in the back of their minds. They’re… read more

Are you worried your potential client might ask, “can you show me examples of a $10K site you’ve done before?” Here’s exactly how to handle it and why it’s important…. read more

For web design businesses looking to grow, hiring a salesperson is a natural first step. Unfortunately, many businesses make hiring decisions without adequately considering the kind of person they need and what is best for their business. Finding a proper balance between the two is key. Luckily, uGurus can help you avoid some of the… read more

We’ve all been there. You meet someone new, maybe at a party or networking event, ask them what they do, and receive a well rehearsed line about, “I do blah blah blah for blah blah blah.” They sound like Charlie Brown’s parents and you begin looking for the nearest exit. As you walk away you… read more

Looking for Better Projects? Ask Clients to Pay for Discovery. Discovery is a process of using your expertise through a series of questions across 4-5 meetings to uncover your client’s business pains and goals so you can develop a course of action to solve/achieve those goals. Paid discovery is charging for this. Doing good discovery… read more

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of web professionals build amazing businesses by teaching them to focus on three key components: strategy, sales, and projects. This boils down to one simple concept: “High value work for high pay.” And while these three components serve as the foundational elements of our program, the issue of pricing… read more

Before I started my agency I spent some time as a professional sales trainer. One of the questions I would ask as we’d start each class is “When I say, SALESMAN, what’s the first word that comes to mind?” I would get words like Crook, Thief, Liar, Rip Off – the list goes on. Never… read more

“My nephew can do this for $800.” I call this The Kiss of Death. It’s not your fault that people say it. But it is your fault if you let it define your business. Don’t let our industry fool you. You are not a commodity. Massively competitive labor marketplaces, free content management systems, and cheap… read more

In my last post, I mentioned that if you don’t figure out your process and set an hourly rate that reflects your time and value, you’re never going to make it to daylight. Today, I explain what “Driving for Daylight” means and what it can do for your business. Driving for Daylight I’m a huge… read more

When I got my first project, I mocked up some docs and said to myself, “I’m going to do this for four grand.” It just felt right. And I got the job. It’s easy for me to tell you, “Have confidence in yourself!” when setting rates, but that’s probably not helpful. You may not be… read more

There you are… Sitting with a potential website customer, you’re connecting, getting on the same page, and then out comes: “You seem a bit overpriced. I can get this same thing on Wix for free… what’s the difference? Why should I hire you?” And it’s happened. The hammer has dropped. You start questioning yourself… “Am… read more

Clients believe they need websites. And you probably believe you need to build them. But I have a dirty little secret: “No one needs a website.” When I learned this secret… it changed the game. I went from selling $2-3,000 projects to $20-30,000 projects. Almost identical work. But my mindset shifted. I learned a basic… read more