Articles On Talent

President of Booyah Online Advertising, Troy Lerner sits down with me to discuss the one-man band, direct response, and his advice for the challenges he faces as a leader. When Troy was first introduced to Booyah, his initial goal was to poach their talent, but he soon found himself being poached and joining Booyah. Initially… read more

In ancient times, cities were fortified by building a surrounding wall. These walls were primarily built to keep danger out and to protect the occupants. It allowed the people inside the walls—the citizens—to go about life without the worry of aggressors. As the days passed, people inside the walls got to know one another better… read more

Creative Director and Owner of Indianapolis-based Roundpeg, Lorraine Ball joins our program to discuss her agency, growth, marketing, talent, and how she leverages her competitors to get more clients. Lorraine Ball started Roundpeg because she was tired of the standard, cookie-cutter model of marketing in corporate businesses. After flying out to Denver to create Attract… read more