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Ara Howard CTO and Founder of Dojo4 in Boulder CO discusses his journey into scientific research, Ruby on Rails, regular programming vs web programming, and the evolution of technology. Ara founded Dojo4 after his time in scientific research realizing that web programming was a fascinating problem worth pursuing. Highlight Ara’s start in computer programming 00:19… read more

Anthony Navarre, a full-stack Rails developer at Thoughtbot‘s Denver, Colorado location, sits down with me to discuss his transition from acting to developing, large and small clients, and giving back to the community. Anthony Navarre started using html after his first indie film experience and quickly learned that html by itself wasn’t going to be… read more

VP of Strategy for Denver-based Fusionbox, Ivy Hastings, sits down with me to discuss their agency, Python, and their dedication to the open source community. Fusionbox has been creating result-driven interactive solutions for their clients since 2001. Ivy joined the team in 2003. Ivy helps educate clients on how to create long lasting strategies in… read more