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A few weeks ago, I began sharing a bit of “Heather Carlyle’s” story, a successful agency owner whose business was surviving on the goodwill of referrals and word of mouth…and who had just hit quite a snag. A couple of weeks after our initial meeting, Heather and I met in the corner of a busy… read more

You’re likely familiar with being part of an audience. Maybe (before the pandemic) you’ve been in the crowd at a concert, gone to a conference, or sat in church and heard a sermon. But for now, I want you to forget what it feels like when you’re “out there.” Instead, visualize the other view at… read more

I want to discuss the importance of establishing yourself as an authority, and share a few tips on how to do that. Today I’ll share one of my stories with you. One of my Agency clients has a business focused on helping Health and Wellness Coaches.  While my client was gathering leads, they weren’t the… read more

Are you struggling to find your ideal audience?  You’re not alone.  I’ve worked with a lot of agency owners who face this issue, when you are not clear on your audience, choosing how to market your agency is really difficult, and you may not be attracting the right type of client.  In order to help… read more

Are you looking to charge more for your services but struggling with how to do that? The key to charging more and earning what you are worth is twofold, and it’s tied into understanding your clients problems:  1st – you must discover what your client wants to accomplish, whether it’s generating more leads, views, or… read more

Identifying and documenting your key processes shouldn’t be hard. I’m going to show you the fastest way to identify, unpack, and document, even if you hate documentation. Are you busy? Of course you are. I recommend taking some of those little tasks off your hands. The problem is, it’s SUCH a hassle to get all… read more

Do potential prospects have to go digging through your website to find out what you do and who you do it for? That’s not going to get you more clients. You’ve got to cut to the chase to generate interest straight away. Digital agency owners often tell me that they’re trying to get out there… read more

Here at UGURUS, we believe people are Better Together. A few years ago when we shifted from selling primarily self-paced courses into live mentorship and coaching, I was astounded at how much more real our product became. We went from knowing very little about the inner-workings of our customers lives to getting a front row seat… read more