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Email marketing – What should you write about?

Coming up with content for one email isn’t too difficult. But what about coming up with content for a lot of emails every month? With our Email Content Generator, you don’t have to struggle anymore.

You feel like you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours.

And you’re just waiting. You’re waiting for the clever idea that you need to create an email for your list. You need this idea to move people through your funnel and bring them closer to converting…

But the muse just isn’t coming.

Let’s face it. Not every single agency owner out there is a natural-born writer. Plus, you may not have anybody on your team who can both write and come up with ideas for content.

You feel stuck.

And that’s why this is the article you need to read right now. The goal of the Email Content Generator is to get you unstuck and help you to develop a constant wellspring of new ideas.

I’m going to share the Five Hot Principles of this training in just a moment. First, let’s dive into…

The Problems

The obvious problem is that you just don’t know where to start.

You know that you need to create email content to drive leads towards your agency. But you just can’t figure out what you need to say or, more importantly, what your prospects need to hear.

And this uncertainty means that it takes you forever to write an email. You might spend 30 minutes up to an hour creating just one. That’s a big problem because your time’s too valuable to spend on such a small task.

So you just don’t do it.

That means your list isn’t getting anything from you, which means you’re not engaging them.

Another key issue is that you’re worried about sounding too sales-y. 

You may have a couple of ideas knocking around in your head. But you’re worried that what you have to say will actually put people off.

But ultimately, the biggest problem here is that you’re scared of not getting a result. You’re scared of putting time into creating emails only for them to lead to zero sales.

And that’s a fear that you need to overcome or you’ll never maximize the potential of your list.

The Opportunities

So, what does the Email Content Generator bring to the table?

Perhaps the most important thing is that it provides you with clear frameworks that you can use to create your emails. These frameworks will give you the foundation you need to ensure you’re not just writing off the top of your head.

That’s going to make things way easier for you.

This training is also going to help you generate ideas for your emails quickly. The idea stage needs to be quick, easy, and fun. It isn’t something that needs to cause you hours of stress.

And finally, you’re going to start using your email list for its intended purpose.

Whether you have 50, 500, or even 5,000 people on that list, this purpose is always the same.

Your list exists to generate leads and clients.

So, what do you need to do to generate these opportunities? There are the Five Hot Principles of the Email Content Generator that you need to know.

Principle #1 – Generate Your Ideas

Make generating your ideas its own step.

I want you to sit down and just come up with a ton of concepts. There are all sorts of ways that you can do this.

I like to keep a spreadsheet where I jot down all of my clients’ problems. I also have questions and surveys that I send out to my list. The responses I get to those questions go into this spreadsheet too.

You don’t need to use a spreadsheet. But you do need to have this little central store of potential ideas that you can rifle through at a moment’s notice.

Think of it like it’s your agency’s toy box. When you were a kid and you wanted to play, you’d open up the toy box and dump everything out. Eventually, you’d come out with something that you wanted to spend your time with.

That’s what you’re doing here. Open up your spreadsheet, notepad, or whatever it is, and rummage around. 

Look at the problems your clients have and the things that they’re telling you.

Then, use this information to come up with your ideas.

And as a final point – don’t chase perfection.

Your first couple of ideas might not be any good. But the goal here is to get as many ideas on paper as you can. You can filter through them late on.

Principle #2 – Fill Your Frameworks

I write a ton of emails.

And I would say that about 98% of them start with some kind of framework. I have some sort of basic structure in place that I’m going to use to create my emails.

This isn’t a new idea.

Just about anybody who writes has their own frameworks. The people who write for TV shows have them, as do the people who write articles for the web. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of my articles follow a consistent framework.

The point of having frameworks is that they allow you to put clay on the table.

You’ve already got the general structure of the email in front of you. This is the clay that you’re going to work with. From there, you’re going to add an idea and mold the clay until it’s ready to go.

Principle #3 – Hook Your Subjects

This is all about your subject line and the first couple of sentences of your email.

These are the most important parts of the email.

Their purpose is to hook the reader in and make them want to explore the rest of what you have to offer. Think of them like they’re movie previews. You need your subject and the first few sentences to hit the reader with all of the best bits.

That way, they’re going to want to stick around to watch the rest of the movie.

Here’s the key mistake that a lot of agency owners make…

They use the subject line to tell people about their service. That’s simply not what it’s for. 

The only purpose of your subject line is to get the reader to open the email.

Sometimes, I’ll work with a client on some content. And buried deep within their writing I’ll find something about how they got their client a 17,000% return on investment.

That’s the headline!

That’s the hook.

If you’ve got anything like that in your content, use it to grab the reader’s attention.

Principle #4 – Build Tension in Your Content

If you’re trying to get somebody to take an action, you need to address a fear.

You need to find a frustration or an aspiration. And once you’ve found it, you need to use it to create tension.

Every one of your prospects is in one place right now. And every single one of them wants to be someplace else.

Maybe they have a website that’s really frustrating them. It doesn’t work properly and it’s not helping them to grow their business.

Perhaps they’re not getting the results they’re looking for from a PPC campaign. Or they’re struggling to engage people on social media.

There’s something there that made them sign up to be a part of your email list.

Your task is to identify what that something is so that you can use it to create tension with your email content.

Put it like this…

Things become much more important when there’s something at stake. Figure out the bad thing that’ll happen if things don’t change for your prospects. Those are the stakes. Now, show them how you can lead them to the light so they get the result they want.

Principle #5 – Deliver Your Payoff

Once you’ve created that tension, you’re going to get your prospects thinking. They’re thinking about what will happen to them or their business if they don’t relieve the tension.

Your content builds the tension.

Now, you’re going to use your CTA to position your agency as the one that can relieve that tension.

Think of it as the release valve for the email. You’ve built up the pressure throughout the email. Then, you say something like:

“If you’re interested in learning how I can help you with <source of tension>, reply to this email and let me know.”

That’s the payoff. That’s the reader’s opportunity to do something about this situation that they don’t want to be in anymore.

They can see the problem. Now, they’re going to come to you for the solution.

Make the Most of Your List

Unfortunately, I see too many agency owners who don’t get everything that they can out of their lists.

And in a lot of cases, it’s because they’re not sending out enough valuable and engaging content. 

With the Email Content Generator, you won’t have to be one of those agency owners.

I’ve shared the key principles of email content generation with you here. However, I have a lot more to show you on our new free Facebook Group – Profitable Agency Owners. Join us today and start learning with digital agency owners around the world!

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