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Getting Clients to Follow Up After Sending a Website Proposal

We’ve all been there…

You spend hours with a prospective client. Magic is in the air and they say, “can you send us a proposal?” You invest hours into research and document crafting. You draft the email and attach your masterpiece. You read and re-read every sentence, punctuation mark, and the spacing of your paragraphs. Finally after all seems perfect, you click [Send].

After your initial excitement wears off, you are left with a stiff feeling of anxious unease. Three days go by without a single murmur of a response…

“Did they get my email?” You mutter to yourself.

“Maybe I’ll just check my sent mail to make sure it went out. Yep, it’s there. Attachment? Yep. Maybe the attachment was too big…? Nope, under 1 MB.” You run through each detail, wondering why they haven’t responded.

“Maybe they said they were going to be on vacation,” you say to your business partner.

Two weeks go by.

Anxiety wins over. You decide to send them a check-in email:

“Hi, this is Brent, just wanted to check-in to see how things are going and to make sure that you received our bid for your new website project.”

And so it goes…

Stop Waiting for the Call Back

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.”

So says Sun Tzu.

I have preached this idea a lot in my web design proposal process (and in greater detail than just here), but the rule is simple:

Always schedule your next interaction in your current meeting.

You should never allow yourself to get into unscheduled territory. For that is the space where you lose the most steam in the sales process.

When I learned this single sales tactic, it changed the game for me. The chase was pretty much over. Everything turned into neat, scheduled meetings.

If you are in the position where you have a bunch of opportunities lingering in unscheduled territory then you need to fix it. Your first step is to call all of your prospects and get them back on track.

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