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How I increased my team size with $10K Bootcamp

Brad Killgore
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Online Marketing Media is a digital virtual agency coming up on four years in business. I have a couple of different teams of contractors that work for me, but essentially, I’m a solopreneur — trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, and do the right thing by my customers, and make all the decisions.

I needed a fresh start

Before the $10K Bootcamp, I had been feeling that I was stagnant in my business. I needed a fresh start. I needed a group of other people who were like-minded, entrepreneurial, in my industry… and spoke the same language as me.

So when I found $10K Bootcamp it made sense to me because it was a chance to try something new with those kinds of people. A chance to see if I could build my business to the point where I didn’t have to do everything by myself.

I didn’t know how to scale up. I didn’t know how to take things to the next level. And now I’m 100% on my way.

Bootcamp changed everything

My life has changed so dramatically in the last six months since $10K Bootcamp. I’ve brought on a different type of clientele. I’ve turned down work that I would have done before. I’ve closed some of the biggest projects that I’ve ever done in the history of my company.

Before, I just felt like I was limited because I was doing the majority of the work. And I was just wearing myself out. I wasn’t working smart — I was just working hard.

But now I’ve increased team size so that I feel that I’m 100% scalable, meaning I could take on ten new clients next week or a hundred new clients next month… and be able to handle all of it.

I’ve always had hopes and dreams and goals. But I think everything has really shifted now, shifted to where I feel like what I can create or produce with my company is unlimited.

Help from mentors and friends

The $10K Bootcamp community has played a huge role in that, because now I not only have go-to people within uGurus, but also mentors, and even some of the other $10K Bootcamp students. I don’t really worry about projects anything anymore because I know that I can handle it. I know I’ve got people that I can bounce ideas off of.

The mentors in $10K Bootcamp have been there, done that — and are still doing it in a lot of cases. They’ve climbed the ladder. They’ve gone over the rocks. And to listen to how they’ve done things or how they’ve overcome problems is very powerful.

That’s not something that can just go out and find on your own very easily. That’s priceless.

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