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How to change your business mindset with $10K Bootcamp

Jennifer Buzza
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My business partner and I run WebClio, a small shop that specializes in online strategy. I’m in the United States, and my partner and our full-time assistant live and work in Peru. We don’t really work with South American companies; my partner just happened to move there.

More than just websites

Before he and I started $10K Bootcamp we had a whole bunch of smaller clients in the US. But Bootcamp had a big impact. It just kicked everything up. We started offering higher value work and earning higher pay… Now instead of just living hand-to-mouth, there’s so much potential.

Clients respond to us because we’re speaking a whole different language with them. We’re offering them so much more than a website, and $10K Bootcamp taught us how to do that.

When you finish $10K Bootcamp, you really don’t want to let go. You’ve experienced all the success; you’ve experienced all the joy in your life. You feel like a rock star. Like you now have so many more answers for people than you ever had before. That’s very fulfilling.

I’m a $10K Mentor

So when I had the chance to become a $10K Bootcamp mentor, there was no need to sell me. I knew that I wanted to share that rock star feeling with people.

Granted, that leads me to do a little more handholding than I probably should with my students. But I like to encourage them, because I really remember what it was like to be in their position.

They ask me “How am I going to get this all done? How am I going to apply all this? What happens when I’m finished?”

My answer is always, “Even when you’re done, $10K Bootcamp is still there. You can always come back and watch the videos again. You can read the posts on the forum. You can reach out to another 10Ker. The community isn’t something that just vanishes when $10K Bootcamp is over.”

Changing your mindset

My students come in to $10K Bootcamp and walk out with a completely different mindset. They see work differently, they see clients differently — and they see the difference $10K Bootcamp makes to their business.

It changes not only their financial bottom line, but also the way that they interact with their clients — and even how fulfilled they are at the end of each business day. That feeling of being overworked and underpaid breeds negativity, and it brings you down. That’s why I highly recommend $10K Bootcamp — it helps you get away from all of that.

$10K Bootcamp, both for me and for my students, is about what I’ve come to call the 10K attitude — being nervous about something but doing it anyway. That’s what brought me to $10K Bootcamp, and what brought my students.

If you were to ask me whether you should join $10K Bootcamp, I’d say the answer is simple.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready for your life to be better? Are you ready to be very excited to go to work?

Then $10K Bootcamp can take the work that you love and explode it for you. Take it higher than your wildest dreams.

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