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How to create a marketing website using X Theme

X Theme - The Theme of 2015

Starting his career at a Prague startup, Slovakia native Branko Kral cut his teeth on a mix of online marketing strategies. He quickly realized that PPC, link building, and small tweaks to the online store had the most impact on customer interaction.

Realizing scalability and analytics are essential features in marketing sites, he blended his entrepreneurial spirit and affection for online marketing to create a business that builds marketing sites based on numbers, not hunches.

With a strong focus on creating great sites Kral spent a lot of time combing through a number of themes on ThemeForest before finding X Theme. He knew it’s clean, flat design would be key in converting visitors.

“I’ve put a lot of time into learning the nooks and crannies,” says Kral.“As a developer, X was enticing because it’s very visual,” he says. “If you want to convert, you don’t want distractions.”

Perfect for Conversion Funnels

Kral’s company, B King Digital, has used X Theme to power seven diverse sites, all focused on using social media and analytics to drive leads.

“X is great for designing marketing websites built for conversion funnels,” says Kral. “X flows well. It makes you want to scroll more, to look at more.” He says the time readers spend on each page is key to getting higher conversions.

For one client, Kral noticed that conversions were especially difficult in their industry. Because of the nature of their business, they needed visitors to call, rather than take an online action. He first turned to the site’s numbers before giving it an overhaul on X Theme.

“I put a lot of time into creating a site map and content strategy before we even touched the first page. Thanks to X, we used appealing call-to-action elements all over the site, taking visitors to simple pages where they can convert. We knew the more time they spent reading the informational pages, the more likely they were to call.”

Kral was able to create customer-centric pages that easily guided visitors through a format they loved. Information delivery was important for this client, so Kral used a short code to create a table of contents and enticing links and columns to guide readers; all key parts of getting visitors to the call page to pick up the phone.

X Has the 3 “Must-Dos” of Web Design Lead Generation

The goal of any conversion funnel is to generate leads. “The more touch points it takes for your prospect to convert, the more relevant it is.”

Kral loves X’s marketing short codes, background features, icons, quote blocks to highlight text, and great looking contact forms to drive leads.

“The best sites I’ve seen are the ones that are made simply. If things are fast and simple that helps lead generation because there are not distractions and you can take them exactly where you want them to be.”

He also mentions X as a great tool to showcase work, provide social proof, and build trust. “A very important step in the conversion funnel,” he says.


“X is good for making one page, long scrolling websites.” Kral says this makes certain aspects of analysis easy to measure. Because X is so visual, he recommends, “Once you’ve used specific tools in X you should then go back to measure to see how people are using them.”


Kral mentions two key integration elements that help his sites with SEO: a great blog feature and support for Facebook comments.

“Developing for a conversion funnel means that you build a marketing website that is part of your content marketing strategy, one that caters to different types of formats and content….X is definitely great for SEO.”

The Difference Maker

While a lot of themes offer the same basic features, it was X Theme’s simplicity that caught Kral’s attention. “Their messaging and demos were so clean and simple. They found a balance of providing a lot and not being messy…which is hard,” says Kral.

He says it’s this simplicity that allows him to work faster. “Thanks to X’s flexibility, I can now create very different sites using familiar layouts and shortcodes.”

Kral also says he’s been able to learn a lot about web site development “just because they have an amazing member area.” He knows if he gets stuck, their heroic support team will help him out.

“Since I’ve started using X, I’ve gained the knowledge that they’ll help if I need it. X dominates in the way they’ve created a community. People are happy to showcase their work or give advice. Sometimes it’s someone from the Themeco team who will write up javascript code just for you, which goes way beyond what they have to do.”

Kral says Themeco’s support and the ways they leverage data and feedback from their community makes everyone a winner.

“This levels up your experience. I’ve used all the parts of their member area and they’re just amazing. I’ve never come across anything [I’m building] and not had all the tools. They have a lot of smart people on the team,” says Kral.

“I don’t think it would be as good today if they weren’t using so much of their customer’s input. I’ve used other WordPress themes, and they’re great, but they don’t compare to what X provides.”

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