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How to start working on your business with $10K Bootcamp

Devon Reehl

My wife and I run Enginate, a digital marketing agency in Chicago — and we balance that with raising two-year-old twins. So saying I’m “busy” is an understatement. But when I was given the opportunity to be a $10K Bootcamp mentor, I couldn’t say no. Now I actually mentor three groups at once!

I’m a $10K Bootcamp Mentor

I’ve always loved teaching. I don’t think you really know something until you’ve taught it. So that was a big draw the first time around — being a $10K Bootcamp mentor looked like a great opportunity to teach.

But what’s drawn me back as a mentor — again and again — is seeing the results that $10K Bootcamp has on students.

It just works. Really.

I’ve seen more than 70% of my students exceeding whatever limitations they run into. There have been a handful of people who’ve struggled with taking action… But the folks who’ve been willing to actually engage and take a step here or there, then make some action happen in their business… They’ve gotten results.

Crazy Success Stories

I got a call last week from a $10K Bootcamp student who said, “Dude, I just wanted to tell you that I closed $105,000 worth of business this week.”

That’s pretty crazy. He runs a small company with his wife, and he’s trying to bring on his first full-time employee. And he’s got experience for sure, but $10K Bootcamp helped him take his sales process to a whole other level. Now he’s in a place where he’s signing four clients for over 100K in projects and marketing contracts in a single week… All because of what he learned.

And the thing is, what gets taught in $10K Bootcamp is applicable across a pretty broad range of web businesses. Experienced people working with different kinds of clients, new developers, husband and wife teams, solo freelancers, teams of five people, agencies with ten people…

Are You Working On Your Business?

$10K Bootcamp focuses you on the concept of making time to work on your business — not in your business. If I was going to point to one thing that has made the biggest difference in my own life, and in the lives of the people I mentor, it’s that.

That’s a big shift for a lot of people. For some it’s been years since they’ve even considered spending time on their business. And with $10K Bootcamp it becomes a weekly habit.

That’s huge. It makes all the difference.

It’s easy for me to say I’ve personally experienced the success that $10K Bootcamp has on a business. I was one of the first people to ever go through the program, and it’s had a lasting impact on me.

But frankly I’ve been shocked by how successful it’s been for a wide variety of web professionals. I’ve been sincerely surprised in a very pleasant way. I did not expect it to have the effect that it has on so many people in each course I’ve mentored.

The results… They’re almost hard to fathom. But they’re real.

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