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Know your audience’s problems to attract better leads The 3rd A.

The best way to attract your ideal client is to uncover their unique problems and provide the solution to those problems. 

As we’ve been discussing in our previous messages – we’ll discuss the best way to attract your ideal client in the context of the 5A Framework.

  1. Who is your ideal Audience?
  2. Are you Aware of where to reach that Audience?
  3. Can you identify your audience’s problems in order to Attract them?  
  4. Are you established as an Authority? and, 
  5. Do you have a system in place to Acquire those leads?

What I see often is that agency owners don’t know what their market wants.

A lot of agency owners develop ideas first, then try to sell them. 

The other problem is that their marketing misses the mark because they aren’t inside their customers’ heads. 

You need to learn and understand the problems that keep THEM up at night.

(not what’s keeping you up at night!)

It’s time to do some discovery with your clients. 

Sit down and have in-depth conversations with clients to uncover their unique problems.

Be sure to focus your attention 100% on your client, listen to what they say, how they say it, and

listen for what they don’t say. 

Ask open-ended questions to get the client to elaborate and perhaps hit on issues that they haven’t thought about.

If you’d like to dig deeper into these ideas we’ve covered them in this Blog Post on customer development or have a chat with us…  

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