Jennifer Buzza

Owner of WebClio


Jennifer Buzza

Owner of WebClio

Jen graduated the first class of Bootcamp in 2014. Pre-Bootcamp she was landing $3-4k projects and struggling to break the ceiling. A month after graduating, Jennifer landed a $20k+ project.


One month after graduating from Bootcamp, Jennifer landed a $20K project.


Has won a $200K project.


Lead mentor for UGURUS.

Jennifer has been with UGURUS since its first Bootcamp in 2014. Born into an “entrepreneurial family,” she began working at 14 and has 20+ years in the people business. Starting as a freelancer, Jennifer built an agency with 5 full-time employees and 10 contractors with WebMD and Zappos as clients. Lead mentor for UGURUS, Jennifer has the ability and courage to turn down big clients so that she can remain true to the work-life balance she’s created. Jennifer refuses to believe that the light is at the end of the tunnel. It’s here, now.

Featured Success Story

Evelyn | Agency Owner

Evelyn started a graphic design business twenty years ago so she could have an even work-life balance while raising children. The $10K Bootcamp helped her bring her business up to date, land a $30K project, and empowered her to become more involved in the women's entrepreneurial community.