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Own Your Market with this Simple Framework

Join me for a moment as I entice you to think about this: a vacation vs. a day off. It’s great to take a day off, step away from the regular, day-to-day routine, and do something fun. But does it have the same impact on your health and well-being as taking seven consecutive days off? Which has more power? I think we’d all agree that one day is nice and can be somewhat effective, but that seven days has a greater, more powerful impact.

In my last blog, I shared with you the 5-A Framework, and how Audience, Awareness, Attract, Authority, and Acquire work together to grow your business and make you an owner in your market. Today, I’m going to share more about the power of these 5 A’s and what using the Framework can do for you and your business.

The Power of the 5 A’s

By implementing even just one of the 5 A’s into your strategy, you’ll be better off than if you hadn’t put any in place.

For instance, let’s say all you do is build authority for your business by getting third-party endorsements and showing proof of results. You’ll find you speed up the process of building trust and credibility with new prospective customers.

But like the Greek philosopher Aristotle theorized, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While each of the 5 A’s will add value to your business, together, they’ll work for even greater gains.

The 5-A Framework can transform your business—taking it from one that’s reliant on the whims of referrals and word of mouth to a growth machine.

When you implement all the pieces of the 5-A Framework, you’ll go from being a market tourist to a market owner and experience a whole new way of being an entrepreneur. I promise you’ll even feel different.

Based on what I’ve seen happen when agencies implement the Framework, here’s what you can expect:

  • Increased traffic and inbound leads from 5-A content
  • Higher prices (owing to your status as an expert in your market)
  • More business with existing clients that re-engage from your content (instead of just forgetting you when their project is over)
  • Better access to connectors in your market (because influencers like to be friends with other influencers)
  • More contacts, fans, followers, and evangelists
  • Increased interactions with people in your audience (and shorter sales cycles as a result)
  • More demand for you, the expert in your market
  • Greater ease creating productized services, because you have better insight into the persistent problems that people in your market face
  • Higher profit margins (because you’re either charging more or working less)

Many agencies already using the 5-A Framework have also told me about other benefits beyond what I could have imagined. They have shown me how owning their market has helped them achieve freedom in their business and life. They’ve reported they now feel they have a business and not just a job for themselves.

I am confident that by implementing this framework, you’ll achieve some or all of the benefits I’ve listed here, as well as others that might surprise you.

Using the 5-A Framework

Tactics and technologies change, but the high-level concepts I’m discussing here have been relevant for the entire twenty years I’ve been an entrepreneur. Yes, it’s possible that specific platforms or tactics I mention might operate differently in the future. But the core ideas and strategies are universal, and they’ll apply to any channel.

The same goes for markets. The 5-A Framework can be applied no matter what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. Each market will have its nuances, but remember, markets exist because numerous people have problems they’re trying to solve or opportunities they’re pursuing. Find a way to get in touch with one of those groups and offer specific help for a defined problem, and you’ll succeed.

I’m confident that the 5-A Framework and the concepts I’m sharing will get results. However, those results will vary greatly. While you might experience some quick wins—and you might even get massive traction—this Framework is not a quick fix for your business. Owning your market is a process that requires commitment and sustained action over time.

Your own journey will probably be like solving a complex puzzle. You’ll need to decode deep-rooted psychological needs and desires within large populations of businesses and organizations.

You’ll be analyzing patterns and connecting the decentralized web of complexity that exists in your market. Not exactly “done in an afternoon” stuff.

Some clients I’ve worked with were very close to owning their market when we first started working together. They made a couple of small tweaks to their strategy and implementation, and their business shot off like a rocket ship.

Learn more about owning your market in my new book, Get Rich in the Deep End, available for pre-order here.

Other clients went through a complete makeover. They ended up changing their company name, redefining their service offering, restructuring their team, and overhauling all of their business processes to meet the needs of their market.

But through it all, I watched them do the work and make the hard decisions to build a better business. I saw them face challenge after challenge with optimism and a steadfast desire to achieve freedom in their business and life.

And I worked beside them as they experienced great joy—as did I—when they emerged from this tunnel of transformation. But I can’t tell you what kind of client you’ll be. You—and you alone—have control over how you want this journey to play out.

The work is worth it—but don’t pretend for a second that there won’t be work. Find joy in the process, learn as much as you can, and have some fun along the way.

Next time, I’d like to share a bit of a story with you, and how the 5-A Framework opened the eyes of one of my clients. Her story is just one of many positively changed by the Framework…and a big reason why I love doing what I do!

Until then, why not check out my new book, Get Rich in the Deep End. I did down deep into the details about the 5-A Framework and give you exercises that will help you implement it into your business. And, of course, if you wish to pre-order the book, I’ll throw in a few extra goodies as my way of saying, Thank you!

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