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Episode 346

Bringing in a Second-in-Command – with Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies. He has been an entrepreneur since his teens, with 14 employees by the time he was 21. By age 35, he had helped build two $100M+ businesses. By 42, he had grown 1-800-GOT-JUNK from $2 million to $106 million in just six years. He has authored four acclaimed books and is a renowned speaker.

Episode highlights:

  • Importance of Second-in-Command (COO)
  • Finding the Right Second-in-Command
  • The importance of strong trust and communication between the CEO and COO
  • The difference between a management team and a leadership team
  • Transition Points in Business Growth
  • Importance of investing in the leadership team

Lightning Round with Cameron Herold:

  • Best advice: A million companies had already spent billions of dollars figuring it out. Just do what they’re doing
  • A habit that contributes to success: My tenacity
  • Recommended tools: Capterra, ChatGPT
  • Recommended book: Endurance by Alfred Lansing

Connect with Cameron Herold:

Quotes from Cameron Herold:

  • “I’ll always argue to be heard, but I’ll never argue to be right. I just want you to hear my opinion”
  • “What the CEO needs to think of is, what am I good at? What feeds me with energy? And how do I delegate everything”
  • “When you have a leadership team in place of strong leaders, it allows the CEO to step back in the organization”
  • “The CEO needs someone privately to tell them where they’re screwing up and where they think they’re making mistakes”
  • “The CEO’s brain is almost like a hard drive and it gets full. They need to get some of the things out of their brain to allow their brain to keep working on more ideas”


  • CEOs should focus on their strengths and delegate other responsibilities to a capable second-in-command.
  • Before hiring a second-in-command, ensure you have an Executive Assistant to handle administrative tasks, allowing the CEO to focus on strategic work.
  • COO’s needs to manage the influx of ideas from CEOs using a structured approach like a green, yellow, and red light system to prioritize projects.

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