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E0: About this podcast, who it’s for, and why to listen with Steve Thiel

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Welcome to the Digital Agency Show, the podcast that goes behind the scenes with today’s top digital agencies and entrepreneurs.

Our show is hosted Brent Weaver, the CEO and founder of Denver-based success and entrepreneurship agency uGurus. Brent is a lifelong entrepreneur who spent 12 years running his own digital agency, and he founded uGurus in 2013 as a community and a resource to empower digital agency owners to transform their businesses and their lives.

Today we’ll talk about how we got started, what the digital landscape looks like for today’s entrepreneurs and what you can expect in upcoming podcasts.

Show Notes

[2:00] – A little about your hosts, Brent and Steve

Former agency owners who met in lunch detention

Starting out, building websites for family and friends

[5:00] – Creating an agency and getting our first big shot

Failing hard on the first big proposal

Now what? Do we get jobs and work for somebody else?

[10:00] – A little about Steve

Balancing parenting, family and business

Which is more important: Time or money?

[14:40] – Challenges as entrepreneurs and why we started the podcast

As agency owners ourselves, struggling with marketing, sales, projects and people

Lacking a proven business system to generate profit

No mentors available to help produce results

[17:40] – Navigating the new digital landscape

There are now 3.2 billion internet users

It’s just not possible to fully staff for today’s marketplace, so digital agencies must play roles as experts

It means that digital agencies are the cornerstones for companies connecting with customers (Thomas Friedman’s “Thank You for Being Late”)

[21:20] – We work in a competitive, $19.3-billion industry

Great work alone isn’t enough; you have to be great at business too

Working less and living an amazing life shouldn’t mean getting paid less

[25:59] – Who is this podcast for?

Full-time entrepreneurs running digital agencies as soloists or with a team

If you are looking to start a digital agency or pivot a traditional agency into digital

Also for freelancers looking to do more than one-time design and development projects

Web entrepreneurs who want to master business

[31:00] – The uGurus $10k Bootcamp

10-week online training program to accelerate your business

Learn how to sell your first $10k or more project

[32:30] – Guests on upcoming shows

Agency owners that have faced some of the same challenges and struggles that most web entrepreneurs have faced

Mentors and students we’ve helped, as well as other agency owners are willing to pull back the curtain

Partners and vendors that agencies work with

High-profile entrepreneurs with big ideas and projects

[36:40] – Episodes that are out now, and our release schedule

We want to give you time to listen to the next few episodes so the next podcast release is going to be on Tuesday, January 24.

After that new episodes will be released each week on Tuesday

Episodes will run between 30 and 60 minutes

We are launching with two episodes including this one

[37:30] – Episode 1Phil Lockwood

Growing a 70 person agency, getting out and now running a virtual agency that drives insane profit margins

[39:00] – Episode 2Keith Roberts

Has run an agency for 15 years and is currently doing $2mm in revenue with a team of 20

Enterprise level clients and great stories

[41:00] – Competition vs. collaboration

Meeting Spire Digital founder Michael Gellman

Gary V. and “getting between the clouds and the dirt”

[46:20] – What to do now?

Listen to our conversations with Phil and Keith

After that, rate and review our podcast on iTunes

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