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E102: How niching and productizing led to scaling with Jeff Couret

We’re excited to announce that SEOMonitor has partnered with UGURUS as a sponsor of our show.

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Jeff Couret, a graduate of the UGURUS Bootcamp program, helps small digital marketing companies increase their monthly recurring revenue while giving better SEO results to their clients. He helped an eCommerce store increase sales by 39%, resulting in millions of dollars in increased revenue, and helped an HVAC company double their revenue in about 8 months.

Episode highlights:

  • SEO in today’s world and what that translates in Jeff’s business.
  • Some of the transitions Jeff did to get him where he is today with SEO, and the kind of clients he goes for.
  • Why the niche Jeff chose was right for him and some of the struggles he has serving them.
  • Jeff’s “action item” system.
  • Challenges of white labeling.
  • The conversation of SEO expectations for Jeff’s clients.
  • Jeff’s position and roles before hiring more team members.
  • What Jeff does to manage his team and make everything work.
  • The plan and future for SEO in predictable lead generation.
  • Best advice ever received: If you don’t sacrifice for your goal, your goal becomes the sacrifice.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Focusing.
  • Recommended book: 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
  • Recommended tool: Ahrefs



  • “Productizing and picking a niche I think were the two biggest things.”
  • “Talk to more than one person before you come up with your product—talk to like 40 people.”
  • “The key is set extra-long timelines… and I’d rather do it right than promise something I can’t deliver on.”
  • “I remember clicking that button to sign up for Bootcamp and being like, oh my God, did I really just do that? It was a stretch financially, but it was for sure one of the best investments ever.”


  • Put processes and checklist into place when leading your team.
  • Put equal resource to all three pillars: (1) Website architecture and user experience (2) Authority, content creation, and influencer outreach (3) Inbound link landscape.



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