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E105: Sharpen Up on Operations and SOPs with Alyson Caffrey

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Alyson founded Operations Agency to serve entrepreneurs in the Digital Marketing space when they hit multi-six figures and want to get to seven without the headache. She’s responsible for streamlining back-end operations for a multitude of brands, launching digital and in-person products and managing growing teams. 

Episode highlights:

  • How Alyson found her calling filling the needs of agencies. Hintshe knew there had to be a better way!
  • How Alyson made her skills “military proof”.
  • Get a primer on making and using SOPs for your business.
  • How to identify whether or not you need an SOP in a specific process.
  • Where to start when working on operations and SOPs.
  • The four phases Alyson swears by to help you sharpen up an onboarding process.
  • Find out what percent of your business needs to be documented before you’re a “business owner”, vs. just-starting-out entrepreneur.
  • Learn common pitfalls that come with building processes.
  • Trello? Basecamp? Get advice on picking and using the right tools.



  • “You turn from an entrepreneur to a business owner when you implement operations.”
  • “They duct tape this thing together to give their client, and it doesn’t feel good, it’s almost embarrassing.”
  • “Wait a second! But did you get their log-ins?”
  • “That’s where I find scope creep happening, if things change hands too many times.”
  • “A process is only going to be as effective as it is clear.”
  • “You made me feel bad about tools.”


  • Evaluate your written operations procedures. Think about onboarding, to start. Do you follow Alyson’s four phases?
  • Focus on creating operating procedures for the part of your company that makes you money.




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