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E107: Create fun, binge-worthy content with Rachael Kay Albers

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Rachael Kay Albers is a designer and business comedian. As the founder and creative director of RKA ink, a branding, web design, and digital marketing studio based outside Chicago, Rachael has helped hundreds of visionary entrepreneurs all over the world stand out online without selling their soul. Rachael’s clients have used their online platforms to launch bestselling books, five star podcasts, and six figure funnels. When not crafting epic, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun-sized small business advice with sketch comedy. Think of her as the one-woman SNL of biz TV.

Episode highlights:

  • Business comedy? Find would what that means, and how UGURUS Bootcamp grad Rachael brings lightness and humor to an all-too-often serious world.
  • Find out how Rachael creates content that people binge on rather than just tolerate.
  • Hear tips on how to make your content more unique and exciting.
  • Learn the secret formula to creating the best, “semi-viral” content. It might surprise you!
  • Run time: 38:07



  • “The holy grail of content is when you can merge educating with entertaining.”
  • “Sometimes it’s not about what you’re saying but how you’re saying it.”
  • “Instead of talking about a concept, I’m becoming the concept.”
  • “Most agency owners are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge and information.”
  • “The secret to the best content comes from stuff that pisses me off.”
  • “Complaining is boring. What are you gonna do about it?”
  • “If you don’t understand where a website fits into the online marketing landscape, you’re building an ornament and not a tool.”


  • Just show up. Find accountability and consistency and get yourself out there. You don’t need to spend years planning the perfect approach.
  • Take baby steps and continue to improve your content. 




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