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E108: Charm your customers with surveys and segmentation with Rob and Kennedy

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Rob and Kennedy from Response Suite are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it’s hard to believe they’re serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses with riotous email marketing.

Episode highlights:

  • Find out how a hypnotist and a mind-reader become business partners.
  • There’s a gap between how users consume content and how emails are sent—learn what Rob and Kennedy are doing about it.
  • Learn how you can use objections to segment and market more effectively.
  • Learn how to jump ahead in your customer relationship with relevant marketing.
  • Learn how to build more effective surveys.
  • Run time: 47:55
  • Best advice ever received: 1.) Don’t go to college – try entertainment (from a parent!). 2.) Take what you might see as a disadvantage and use it as an opportunity.
  • Habit that contributes to success: 1.) Not giving up and solving puzzles. 2.) Automatic thought process – how to make something better and apply to me.
  • Recommended book: 1.) Social video kapwing 2.) Slack
  • Recommended tool: Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Startup CEO by Matt Blumberg



  • “You want my opinion and that’s the thing I care about more than anything on earth.”
  • “It’s about relevance. Relevance, relevance, relevance.”
  • “It’s the equivalent of getting a ladder on a game of snakes and ladders.”
  • “You want to have a single objective.”
  • “No matter what you choose, I can help you with that thing.”


  • Consider starting your email relationship with a new customer with a survey.
  • How can you better segment your list for more effective marketing?
  • Make your surveys more simple, and make sure you’re ready to support the answers with your products. Also, list answer options to choose from rather than leaving it open-ended.



* Please pardon our less-than-optimal audio quality on this recording. We’re working to resolve the issue.




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