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E118: Get ready for the future of DIY websites with Kate Gilbert

We’re excited to announce that SEO Brothers and Opteo have partnered with UGURUS as sponsors of our show.

Kate Gilbert has been building and supporting WordPress websites since 2006 and knows the platform inside-out. 

She has launched over 100 sites for a variety of companies and institutions, including Harvard and MIT.

Based in Jersey City, home of the Statue of Liberty, Kate is passionate about keeping WordPress workable for DIY site owners. These days, she’s shifting away from done-for-you and toward done-with-you, helping site owners understand online marketing and how to have a site that shines.

Episode highlights:

  • Kate is a graduate of the UACADEMY Bootcamp program.
  • Why Kate thinks WP is going toward do-it-yourself, and how she’s getting ready for that future.
  • Learn about Live Office Hours and how Kate makes it work.
  • Learn how Kate goes about writing an About page with her clients—without any back-and-forth.
  • Learn about Kate’s collaborative problem-solving plan.
  • Kate discusses her experience as a female solo-preneur in the IT world, and how she wants to remove fear in the industry.
  • Run time: 37:26
  • Best advice ever received: Put your head down and stay focused
  • Habit that contributes to success: Focus
  • Recommended book: Dare to Lead by Brené Brown “Clear is kind”
  • Recommended tools: WhatWPThemeIsThat



  • “If that problem comes up again in the future you know how to fix it.”
  • “It became clear to me that I wasn’t helping the site owners….I was almost enabling them.”
  • “I thought when you built this three years ago it would last forever.”
  • “They really wanted to be more involved in it themselves.”
  • “It’s not just a wizard behind a curtain changing things.”
  • “Agencies provide really valuable peace of mind.”
  • “There’s definitely none of that mansplaining.”


  • Think about how you’re planning for the future of your industry. Are you fighting it or making it work for you?




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